Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Pensacola, FL

Cracked or chipped auto glass is a nuisance every driver deals with on occasion. Fortunately, auto glass repair specialists like those at Glass Doctor® of Pensacola will quickly and economically repair many types of auto glass damage and replace the glass if a repair isn't possible.

Windshield Care and Repair

The most common type of auto glass damage is a chipped or cracked windshield. All it takes to cause windshield damage is a tiny pebble kicked up by a leading vehicle. Weather is another common cause of damage that often cannot be avoided.

While a small crack seems trivial, it’s actually a serious safety problem. Modern auto windshields use specialized glass that is designed to break in such a way that large, sharp glass shards do not form when a windshield shatters. Unfortunately, even a small crack or chip can affect the glass in a way that diminishes this safety feature. Also, auto glass provides a large amount of structural support to a vehicle's overall crash safety system. If you're involved in a crash, especially one that causes the vehicle to roll over, a windshield with a pre-existing crack might not provide the support necessary to prevent the passenger compartment from collapsing.

In regards to windshield cracks, auto glass repair specialists can usually repair cracks less than three inches long. The quicker you call Glass Doctor of Pensacola to make the repair, the better the chance of a quick, inexpensive repair being possible.

Auto Glass Replacement

When it comes to other areas of auto glass, the best option is usually replacement. While it's sometimes possible to repair side glass, sunroof glass, quarter glass and rear windshield glass, in most cases damage will require replacement. Fortunately, Glass Doctor of Pensacola is usually able to replace any piece of auto glass.

Call our Auto Glass Repair Experts

After your auto glass service is complete, our specialists will ensure the interior of the vehicle is free of broken glass. We'll also help you with insurance paperwork and brief you on our Windshield Protection Plan, which offers free repair if your windshield is damaged again within 12 months. Make auto glass repair easy, contact Glass Doctor of Pensacola today!