Clear Choice Protectant

Homeowners know that maintaining a home takes time and money, so it's beneficial anytime they can find something that makes it a little easier. The surfaces in your home take a consistent beating. Between environmental elements, harsh cleaners and normal wear and tear, your surfaces endure buildup, weathering and stains. Clear Choice™ surface treatment is an excellent solution for those looking to protect their home's various surfaces from those damaging elements and make cleaning easier. Clear Choice acts as a barrier for glass, stone and porcelain. With a single application, you get a glossy surface that repels the damaging effects surfaces are exposed to every day.

Protect Your Investment

A call to Glass Doctor® of Paw Paw, MI gets the process of protecting your surfaces started. During an in-home consultation, our experts can tell you where Clear Choice surface treatment will work best and explain the application process. Homeowners have used Clear Choice on windows, shower doors, toilets, sinks, kitchen counters and more. The barrier created will prevent:

  • Hard water stains and mineral deposits
  • Weathering
  • Fading
  • Buildup of soap scum

Benefits of Clear Choice

When you choose Clear Choice, you're choosing to restore, protect and maintain your surfaces. A single coating will last up to five years and add a beautiful sheen to your surfaces. It acts like as a repellant to oil, water and other damaging elements. Also, the thin layer has many welcome benefits:

  • Less frequent cleanings: Lessen the amount of back-breaking work needed to keep your surfaces clean.
  • Reduced formation of mold and bacteria: Keep your family healthier by avoiding health-hazards like mold and bacteria.
  • Stain, scratch and impact resistance: Everyone drops a pot or leaves a puddle too long. Clear choice can help prevent stains and scratches.
  • Hard water etching: Avoid the filmy buildup that's impossible to clean on your windows and shower doors.
  • Glossier surfaces: Clear Choice adds a beautiful luster to your glass, porcelain, stone and tile.
  • Environmentally friendly: Clear Choice's formula is safe for the environment.

If you're ready to reduce the need for excess maintenance, and the depreciation of your investments, contact Glass Doctor of Paw Paw, MI. Our specialists will conduct a free in-home visit to discuss the benefits of Clear Choice and find out what surfaces you want to protect. Most homeowners dream of making their house a little easier to care for. Investing in Clear Choice surface treatment is an ideal place to start.