Advance Measurement System

Although glass fixtures are some of the most useful assets that your business can own, they are also vulnerable to damage. That's why when dealing with glass fixtures and decor, you should always be proactive. Glass Doctor® of Paw Paw, MI, will provide you with the proactive glass care service that you need to repair broken glass expertly. We offer you emergency glass repairs, which should be supplemented with Advance Measurement system. This gives you access to extremely efficient emergency glass repair services.

Our Advance Measurement System

With Advance Measurement, one of our glass specialists will personally come to your location and measure and diagram every single piece of glass in your facility. We will also take note of any specific safety glass code requirements. We will give you a copy of the diagram and keep one on file; this way, whenever a piece of glass breaks, we can come out and fix it the first time.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Faster repairs: Because we're can fix your broken glass in a single trip the damage will be resolved much faster.

  • Savings: We'll only make one trip with Advance Measurement, so you won't have to pay for multiple service calls.
  • Less liability: When we repair your glass through Advance Measurement, the hazards caused by broken glass and debris will be completely gone.
  • Better security: A broken glass door or window immediately compromises your building's security. Advanced Measurement ensures that your security is restored as quickly as possible, so you won't have to worry about invaders.
  • Streamlined payment: You can set up a business account and pre-established credit to avoid any billing conflicts that would hold up your glass repair service.

In-Stock Options

To make sure that your glass can be repaired instantly, we can keep specific pieces of glass in stock at all times just for you. This is especially beneficial for glass panes that are likely to break.

Take Advantage of Advance Measurement

Advance Measurement is the best proactive glass care solution that you can invest in. Call Glass Doctor of Paw Paw, MI, today to get your Advance Measurement done as soon as possible!