Custom Glass Solutions

If you want to install custom glass decor, Glass Doctor® of Paw Paw, MI is your source for expert design and implementation. We have access to an impressive list of vendors, which supply us with an unmatched variety of panes. Opt to install low-emissivity (Low-E) glass in windows to reduce the affects of ultraviolet light on your home's interior. Install fresh panes in your French doors or add a glass tabletop to an antique table with our expert assistance. We exclusively use custom glass that meets or exceeds industry standards, and specialists willing to go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Glass Decor for Paw Paw Homes

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass uses an ultra-thin metallic coating to ultimately cut down on light penetration by as much as 10%, blocking harmful UVA and UVB radiation in the process. The panes are gaining popularity in residential and commercial buildings because they increases energy efficiency and protects carpets, upholstery, curtains and furniture from the effects of direct sunlight.

Glass Shelving and Tabletops

Our specialists measure and cut custom glass decor for display cases, glass shelves, tabletops or decorative pieces. Our selection of edge finishes, tinting and thickness is unrivaled. We advise clients which glass type, such as tempered or laminated, is the best option for your project. We use safety glass in areas vulnerable to breakage or spots posing a risk for children and pets. For pieces promoting safety, comfort and attractive designs, we are the best option in Paw Paw.

Custom Decorative Glass and Mirrors

Glass is a perfect way to make a space seem larger, or to give a more stylish feel to rooms or hallways. Consider using large decorative glass panels to bridge the visual space between rooms. Install custom mirrors to redirect light from well-lit areas to dark corners. Our custom mirrors are available in a wide range of tints, custom shapes or sizes designed to fit any location. We can provide dedicated teams for large projects that have to meet stringent deadlines.

Doors and Entryways

We can replace or restore damaged glass in entryway, patio or French doors, and offer many options for side or casement windows. Among the many options we have available are double-paned glass with sliding blinds, hurricane and safety glass. Choose to install Low-E panes for greater energy efficiency. Our extensive vendors list ensures we can find matching door glass or side pieces that are no longer available through big-box stores or smaller glass companies. Since we work these vendors regularly, we can also provide a faster turnaround on specialty glass, which means your custom glass decor project will be completed faster when you work with Glass Doctor of Paw Paw, MI.

We are glass experts for everything from automotive glass to home windows. We provide service for new construction, renovations or repair in existing locations. To experience hassle-free custom glass decor creation or to set up a consultation, contact Glass Doctor of Paw Paw, MI today.