Window Repair & Replacement

Broken glass is a hassle, but Glass Doctor® of Paw Paw, MI, aim to make it a minor inconvenience. Although it is annoying, there is no need for the situation to become stressful. Whether glass shatters or a seal wears out on a double pane window, our team will provide you with a timely window glass replacement.

Window Repair

Emergency Window Glass Replacement

A window may break due to vandalism or an accident. In either case, you will need a replacement as soon as possible. Our emergency service means no more trips to the home improvement store nor the need to sit up all night waiting to regain security. Our specialists are available around the clock with a mobile unit. If possible, we will replace your glass immediately. Otherwise, we will secure your home with a board up before returning with the permanent solution.

Double Pane Window Care

If you notice condensation building up between the panes of your windows, the seals are likely stressed or broken and your windows are no longer effectively insulating your home. At Glass Doctor of Paw Paw, MI, we are often able to replace just the glass, leaving the frames in place, instantly improving aesthetics and comfort. Alternatively, you may upgrade to better insulated glass units or change to low-emissivity windows. In addition to reducing energy bills, these will limit noise pollution and increase your property value. Our specialists can advise you on the right type of windows for your needs and budget.

Additional Glass Service

Our team will take care of every aspect of your panes. We offer tinting and window component care in addition to custom glass creation. Our team will work with you to care for your home and give you the best possible service.

Specialty glass repair: Our services extend beyond window repair and replacement. We can install new glass in all types of home decor, including garage doors, patio doors, and cabinets. Our specialists also design custom pieces for mirrors, tabletops, and shelves.

Protect your investment: After you receive a new glass feature, protect it from stains and scratches with an application of Hydrophobic Coating. The glass protectant is also suitable for other materials, including granite, tile, and porcelain. By creating a barrier against water and oils, Hydrophobic Coating prevents damage from substances like hard water, soap scum, and environmental pollutants.

Tinting: Apply tinting to glass to protect your home interior from UV rays. Glass tint keeps you safe from sun exposure, prevents fading of furnishings and reduces energy expenses still further.

Locking mechanisms: Keep your home safe by fixing damaged locking mechanisms. Our specialists are trained to repair balances, sash locks, tilt latches and more.

Our Advantage Program

If you want to gain membership pricing on all our services, sign up for our Advantage Plan. When you join the program, you will receive a free home inspection to assess your glass needs. Plus, members of the plan are given priority in emergencies and gain a breakage guarantee on all the glass we repair or replace. Keep your windows in top condition. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Paw Paw, MI, for your window glass replacement or to find out more about our other home glass services.