Storefront Doors

You might have a beautiful storefront, stunning products and welcoming staff, but if you have a broken storefront door then your customer’s first impression is unlikely to be a favorable one. Glass Doctor® of Oxford, MI, provides complete door care, replacement glass and security film in addition to storefront door repair services.

Stunning Storefront Doors

Glass Doctor® of Oxford, MI, offers a full range of decorative storefront doors across a wide variety of styles. Your storefront door can be fully customized to include an imprint of your company name, logo, operating hours and other information.

We also provide a wide range of glass to suit different organizations including:

  • Bulletproof glass for premium security.
  • Fire-resistant glass to protect your business and those around you.
  • Impact safety glass for businesses concerned about adverse weather.

We install all of our storefront doors according to industry best practices. An experienced member of our team will ensure your storefront door enhances rather than detracts from a customer’s shopping experience.

Extra Protection with Security Film

Security film applied to your existing storefront doors and windows make them harder to break into and safer if they are broken. Often security film is enough to deter thieves, but should your glass be broken the film will ensure it breaks into safe chunks that are easy to clean up safely.

Security film is also great for businesses worried about graffiti damage. Security film lowers your storefront door repair costs because in the event of graffiti you only need to replace the film, not the entire piece of glass.

24-Hour Emergency Glass Repair Services

No matter how secure your premises, at some point you’re going to experience a breakage. When you do, the team at Glass Doctor® of Oxford, MI, will be ready to help. We will come out at any time of day or night, clean up all the broken glass and board up any damaged windows or doors. We’ll also book a convenient time to come back and perform your window or storefront door repair.