Door Closer Repair Service

Properly functioning door closers are central to the security and aesthetics of your business. A door closer that is broken, misaligned or installed by anyone other than a professional with the expertise to fit the mechanism correctly could cause injury to users. Allow Glass Doctor® of Oxford, MI, to provide your business with door closer care to keep customers and employees safe.

Door Closer Operation

A door closer is added to heavy doors to make them easier to open. At first contact, the user feels some weight before the door glides open. The door then closes automatically behind the user, shutting slowly and sealing to the frame.

When to Seek Door Closer Care

You may require a repair, replacement, or adjustment in the following cases:

  • A bad fit: A door may be fit with the wrong type of closer. This is especially dangerous for heavy doors, which require strong springs in their closers. An incorrect door closer may lead to misalignment or damage of the mechanism or door.
  • Improper installation: Fitting a door closer for optimal lifespan requires the use of proper tools. An improperly adjusted door closer can cause damage to the doorframe, become misaligned, or even lead to unexpected movements and cause injury to users.
  • Low oil levels: An oil leak may be due to several factors including a broken seal, which you can notice by a clearance gap. This exposes hardware and puts the mechanism at risk of damage. Other cause of low oil levels include missing screws, broken O-rings, and other mechanical problems. Left untreated, your door may open or close too quickly.
  • Difficulty locking the door: You should be able to lock your door without difficulty, to prevent damage to the doorframe, locking mechanism, and door closer.

Our specialists at Glass Doctor of Oxford, MI, are trained in door closer care and maintenance. Contact us to schedule a free consultation at your business.