Custom Mirrors

Adding a custom mirror to any space is a simple, brilliant way to increase its brightness and give it an instant facelift that is sure to get noticed. Glass Doctor® of Oxford, MI, offers Oak Harbor homes a variety of custom glass solutions that will give your space the unique personal touches that you've always wanted. Our glass specialists expertly cut and install almost every type of mirrored or glass surface you can image for every part of your home. Contact our team to set up an appointment to discuss your options today!

Add Depth and Dimension to Any Space

You don’t need to remodel the rooms in your home to make them seem bigger. Place mirrors in strategic locations to make smaller spaces appear more open. Since mirrors reflect natural light that shines through windows and the ambient lighting in a room, they also make spaces look brighter and more beautiful without the need to purchase additional lights. When you schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Oxford, MI, a glass specialist will offer suggestions regarding the best places to hang your custom mirrors.

Popular custom mirror options that we often install in Oak Harbor-area homes include:

  • Statement mirrors: Framed custom mirrors above fireplace mantles or headboards
  • Mirrored walls: Floor-to-ceiling mirrors that make rooms, hallways and closets appear larger
  • Mirrored backsplashes: A great way to give your kitchen or bathroom a modern, updated look

Accentuate and Highlight Your Art and Decor

Custom mirrors are an excellent option to showcase the art and decorative items in your home. Add your favorite tint, finish, edge style and frame to a custom mirror to give it the perfect personal touches.

Ideas for using decorative mirrors include:

  • Mirrored shelves: Mirrors along the back of glass shelves and cabinets cabinet provide a 360-degree view of items displayed, perfect for sculptures and collectibles
  • Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors perfectly complement the photos and art hung on your walls
  • Hung mirrors: Use custom mirrors to direct natural light to your favorite pieces

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Whether you use lamps, ceiling lights or the sun to illuminate a room, custom mirrors make spaces appear brighter. In lieu of hanging mirrors, use custom mirrors on tabletops to create the same effect when you don’t have enough space on your walls to hang a mirror.

Increase the lighting in a room with these pieces:

  • Mounted mirrors: Place a mirror behind sconces, lanterns, desk lamps and other light sources
  • Bedroom mirrors: Amplify natural and artificial lighting with mirrors by each nightstand, a vanity mirror and a mirror on your closet door

Mirrors Made to Impress

Glass Doctor of Oxford, MI, has mirror finishes and frames that are well suited for your home’s interior decor. We recommend the use of full-length mirrors in closets, entryways, bathrooms and bedrooms to get a head-to-toe perspective of your appearance and attire before you walk out the door. Let a glass specialist show you the perfect placement for large mirrors in your home so they look sophisticated and attractive.

A custom mirror is a fine investment that has a great impact in any home. For expert advice on how to make your space look brighter, more open and engaging, get in touch with Glass Doctor of Oxford, MI, to schedule a free consultation. A glass specialist will guide through every step of the process.