Windshield Replacement & Repair in Northwest Florida

windsheild repairYou’re right to be concerned if your vehicle’s windshield has recently been damaged. Windshield repair or replacement may be necessary, but the right option really depends on the circumstances. Glass Doctor® of Northwest Florida in Niceville repairs most chips, though replacement may be necessary for more severe windshield cracks.

Our specialists are committed to ensuring passenger safety, and the windshield is an integral component of your vehicle’s crash safety system.

Windshield Repair Advantages

When possible to do so safely, Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida in Niceville will recommend repair as an inexpensive alternative to replacement.

  • Driver’s Vision: Repair stops chips and cracks from spreading if they would otherwise interfere with the driver seeing the road.
  • Convenience: Under most circumstances, our specialists repair a windshield in under an hour.
  • Budget-Friendly: Windshield repair is far more affordable than replacing the entire windshield.
  • Potential Insurance Waiver: Due to the higher cost of replacement, insurers prefer to pay for repairs to your vehicle's windshield. As such, many will waive the deductible.
  • Environmentally Conscious: When replaced, the old windshield is often non-recyclable and sent to a landfill. Repairing your windshield eliminates this environmental impact.

Our team repairs your windshield by first removing dust and grime from the damaged area. A high-grade resin is then applied to the surface and allowed to cure. Finally, the glass is cured and polished to sheen that makes the repair almost impossible to notice.

Windshield Replacement

A car with a damaged windshield is a safety threat to all of its occupants. The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) reports that a vehicle’s windshield plays a major role in its structural integrity in a rollover accident, up to 60% depending on the make and model. For this reason, it's critical to replace a damaged windshield in a timely fashion.

Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida in Niceville carefully removes the damaged glass and installs a new windshield based on Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) specifications. Our specialists use only AGSC-approved materials and procedures during the replacement process. A one hour waiting period is observed to ensure proper adhesion of the new windshield, and our customers are then able to drive away safely.

Repair v. Replacement Factors

There are several considerations that our team weighs before determining whether your car needs windshield repair or replacement.

  • Size and Depth: In general, chips deeper than 3/8 inch and cracks longer than three inches will require replacement. Exceptions may apply based on other factors.
  • Location: When a crack has spread to the edge of the windshield, the glass must usually be repaired. This type of damage has the potential to splinter further, weakening the windshield and your car’s ability to withstand pressure from a rollover accident. It’s likely that we will also recommend windshield replacement for cracks and chips that interfere with a driver’s vision. Repairs in this location often do not cure clearly and cause an obstructed view.
  • Timing: If there has been a delay in having your windshield glass inspected by a professional, replacement may be necessary. Over time, debris collects within a crack or chip; so successful repair may be impossible.

Our experienced auto glass team in Niceville is highly skilled in weighing all factors and will recommend windshield repair or replacement based upon our thorough inspection. We're here to support you in dealing with your insurance company. We work with all major carriers, though we do advise that you consult with your agent before undertaking repair or replacement. The final step in any windshield work is a review if our Windshield Protection Plan. This offers 12 months of protection from the date of replacement service.

Don’t let a damaged windshield put your car’s passengers at risk. Please contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida in Niceville right away, as time is of the essence in making decisions on repair or replacement.