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Double Pane Windows

Energy loss through a home's windows accounts for almost a quarter of the annual heating and cooling costs for the average American home. Throughout the course of a year, Niceville homes are exposed to frequent temperature changes, which break down the windows' seals. Over time, the windows exchange more air, making for a drafty home and high heating and cooling costs. Count on Glass Doctor® of Northwest Florida to repair your windows with modern panes.

Niceville Double Pane Window Repair 

double pane window

One of the best types of windows for increased energy efficiency is insulated glass units (IGUs). Insulated windows cut down on heat transfer to maintain a consistent temperature in the home. An insulated glass unit has a minimum of two pieces of glass with an insulated spacer in between them. The spacer separates the two glass panes and seals the space in between them. Spacers are made up of special moisture absorbing material known as a desiccant or a warmer-edge material. Once the glass panes and spacer are in place, the whole unit is sealed with a high quality sealant to keep condensation from developing in between the panes. In some instances, krypton or argon gas is added to the air space for more insulation.

Insulated glass windows keep out the heat and cold better than any other type of window, resulting in homes that are more comfortable and energy efficient. 

Installing New Panes

Our glass specialists install insulated glass without replacing the window frame. Installing new insulated glass panes gives your home the modern benefits of IGUs without the cost of replacing the entire window. Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida's specialists determine whether or not you need replacement windows and how much the project will cost. This estimate is complimentary, giving you information that you need upfront so that there are no surprises.

If you're in need of double pane window repair or other glass repair or replacement services in Niceville, call Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida at 850-678-9600. Set up an appointment that works for your schedule today!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.