Industry Glass Services for Northwest Florida's Commercial Businesses

For expert assistance in all aspects of commercial glass care, Glass Doctor® of Northwest Florida in Niceville provides the comprehensive solutions your business needs to thrive. Our specialists will perform window replacements, door closer maintenance, glass repair, emergency service calls and a wide variety of upgrades. Take advantage of our Commercial Care program to receive a 15% discount on auto glass work, prioritized scheduling, lowered costs for emergency board-ups and much more.

Apartments and Condominiums

Ensure all the units in your apartment or condominium are in top condition with the help of our highly skilled specialists. Trust our experts to repair, replace or install windows, sliding doors and even custom mirrors to enhance your property's appeal. Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida will install safety glass for any onsite facilities. Common rooms, including gyms or swimming pool areas, require specialty glass and installation, which our team can provide. We will also honor a 15% discount on your tenant's automotive glass services.

apartment windows


Create a more comfortable, inviting atmosphere for customers by upgrading windows, installing mirrors and investing in custom glass tabletops. Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida has considerable experience installing glass partitions, sneeze guards and drive-up windows as well. Enhance the decor of your restaurant with decorative glass solutions available in a myriad of beautiful designs. A number of tinted and decorative glass options are available to suit your restaurant's unique style.

Schools and Universities

Create an inspiring learning environment with the assistance of Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida. We will install and repair needs various windows, doors and mirrors of virtually every style. For science rooms, one-way observation office glass is easily installed along with glass tabletops. Our specialists will also install a new display case to protect your school's awards and achievements. Improve the safety of your faculty and students by asking about applying our protective, fire-resistant glazing to your existing glass.


Reinvent and revitalize your retail business with improved windows, glass doors and customized glass tabletops. Improve the safety of your business for both employees and customers by investing in top quality bullet and fire-resistant glass. Impress everyone who walks through the door with outstanding glass shelving, display cases and ornate mirrors. We also specializes in replacing old windows with more energy-efficient models or retrofitting your existing glass.

Hotels and Motels

Give your hotel or motel a splash of style and decorative flair with beautifully ornate bathroom or wall mirrors. Replace cracked or aged windows to create a more modern look and reduce monthly energy costs. Upgrading shower doors will also give your rooms an elegant touch, enticing guests to return. Explore our various shower glass options such as heavy, bypass, frameless or framed shower doors. Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida will also handle the installation of mirrors or safety glass for your lobby and guest center areas.

Cities and Municipalities

Rely on Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida to keep Niceville's city establishments in pristine condition. Our seasoned team of glass specialists can perform ongoing maintenance or repairs as needed. Our commercial glass care services include everything from entryway renovation to glass door replacement. Upgrade your old, drafty windows with today's more efficient, state of the art designs to lower energy costs and improve comfort. We also provide clients with fire-rated safety glass as needed.

Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida cares about the community. We happily deliver premium service to the Niceville businesses that entrust us with their panes. Call today to schedule an assessment of your space now or schedule an appointment online