Door Closer Repair Service

Creating an inviting storefront is the goal of every business owner. But no matter how charming a storefront appears, every customer's first impression is made once they enter the front door. The experts at Glass Doctor® of Northwest Florida have the training and experience to make sure your business makes a good impression on customers entering and exiting your building. We provide skilled commercial door closer repair and care services.

Door Closer Basics

Door closers serve an important purpose; they provide smooth entry to guests. An expertly installed and sustained door closer guarantees ease of use, no matter the size or weight of the door. When a business entrance door is opened, the door closer creates a slight back-pressure that's dependent on the weight of the door. When a door closer operates correctly, this light pressure vanishes as the door glides easily open in front of the user without undue effort. When released, the spring-loaded hydraulics gently close the door without any chance of becoming stuck or slamming shut.

Door Closer Repair

Commercial door closers fall prey to several types of problems, usually due to component failure, inadequate maintenance or simply age. An average door closer can operate smoothly for years without fault or failure, which often leads to personnel neglecting routine maintenance. However, when something goes wrong, it not only becomes apparent but can be potentially dangerous to customers and employees.

Common Door Closer Issues

The door closer specialists at Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida have the training and experience to locate and repair any entryway problem using only the finest door closer components. Our history of excellent customer service and unmatched expertise at both door closer repairs and new door closer installations are unrivaled in the industry.

Mismatched door closers: Installing and door closer of the wrong size or type can create possibly serious safety risks for customers and employees, and may lead to door frame damage or misalignment. Installing the right apparatus is essential to our specialists, who also consider each business's level of customer traffic and overall security needs.

Defective installation or maintenance: Every door closer must be securely attached to both the door and frame for smooth operation. Our experts use dedicated procedures to install or adjust door closers to protect your location's doors from these possible problems:

  • Door or door frame damage Potential safety or security hazards caused by faulty equipment Malfunctioning door closer

Leaking oil: Any leaking oil can jeopardize the safety of a busy entranceway, and broken door closer cylinders are especially dangerous. Our door closer care specialists take care to make detailed repairs before recommending any door closer replacements.

Lock problems: An old or faulty door closer can interfere with a door's locking capabilities, creating a potential security risk.

Our Door Closer Services

If your business has a door closer warranty, don't void it by hiring unskilled workers. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Northwest Florida offer on-site inspections and continued door closer repair and maintenance services through our commercial door closer program. We guarantee unsurpassed customer service and proven expertise in repairing and installing thresholds, doorframes and custom commercial glass installation and repairs.