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Commercial Door Closer Service

A world-class customer experience starts the moment a customer walks through the doors of your business. Ensure your business delivers the right first impression with attractive and functional doors. Glass Doctor® of Nassau County offers manual door closer repair and maintenance services to ensure your customers have a safe and pleasant experience.

Door Closers Operation

Manual door closers are designed to open smoothly without the need of closing the doors. A functioning door closer will naturally offer some resistance when the user opens them, which instills a sense of security. Once this initial resistance stops, the door should smoothly glide open. Then, a spring inside of the arm of the door gently returns the door to the frame.

Common Door Closer Problems

If you seek repair from an untrained person, the door closer's warranty may be voided. Keep your warranty intact by using the highly-trained and skilled specialists at Glass Doctor of Nassau County. Our professionals offer multiple years of experience delivering effective door closer care. We have installed, maintained and repaired a variety of door closers. If common door closer issues are causing problems at your establishment, call on our team.

Incorrect type of door closer: Heavier doors need stronger springs. If you have the wrong size or type of door closer, it creates unnecessary safety hazards, misalignments, and damage to the door or closer.

Improperly adjusted and installed door closers: At Glass Doctor of Nassau County, we always use the proper tools to maintain and install door closers, which ensures the equipment stays in good working condition and lasts the maximum lifespan. It's best to trust an experienced specialist to maintain and install your door closer and adjust the springs. Failing to do so results in:

  • Misalignments
  • Unexpected door movements
  • Damage to the door frame

Low Oil Levels and cracked seals: Broken seals may cause lubricant leaks, expose clearance gaps, and leave the door hardware vulnerable. In most instances, oil leaks are indicative of broken O-rings, failed seals, missing screws, or other mechanical problems. The experts at Glass Doctor of Nassau County will replace the oil in your door closer. Poorly lubricated doors commonly close or open too quickly, which causes customer and employee injuries.

Difficult to lock doorways: Difficult to bolt doors pose security risks and affect the overall condition of the door closer, door frame, and locking mechanism.

Door Closer Care and Maintenance Services

At Glass Doctor of Nassau County, we offer an innovative door closer care, repair, and maintenance program to ensure all of the elements of your door are in optimum condition. We also offer several other solutions to ensure your business is welcoming and inviting to customers. Our experts are trained to deliver solutions associated with hinges, glass repair, storefront repair, doorframes, thresholds and more.

Contact Glass Doctor of Nassau County to learn more about our door closer care services or to schedule an onsite consultation.

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