Custom Mirrors

At Glass Doctor® of Nashville, we offer our customers in Davidson County a selection of premium home glass services. We provide custom mirrors that are guaranteed to match your desired specifications. Add a feeling of depth to your home or increase the perceived square footage of small and cramped spaces. Call us today and talk with a specialist from our team of home glass experts. We have the knowledge and skills to help you design a mirror with a custom-made configuration that will fit everywhere, from your living room wall to more unconventional locations. 

Whether you are looking for a new full-length mirror, as a serene focal point in your bathroom, or a set of small custom mirrors for your new home renovation project, we provide exclusive designs with the finishes and the edges you require. Among your alternatives, you have the option of choosing from tinted, antique and beveled edge designs.

Increased Light and Space

At Glass Doctor of Nashville, we have mirrors that will fit every room in your home. New mirrors will create an interesting interplay of light and space, which will affect the aesthetic value of your entire property. By intentionally installing custom mirrors directly in front of your windows, you will increase the light coming from both natural and artificial sources. Even a small mirror will increase the impression of space and make a small room feel larger. 

Complement Your Collection

By installing new mirrors in a few select locations, you will significantly enhance the aesthetic impact of your collectibles. The reflective properties of the mirrors will create an additional layer of visual appeal, which will allow you and your guests to appreciate new dimensions of your collection.

Bedroom Mirrors

Our team of glass specialists can help you add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your bedroom. We provide a wide range of quality options from our premium American vendors, from dressing and closet door mirrors, to full-length and vanity mirrors. Increase the light in your bedroom with small mirrors behind the bedside tables and solve your decorative dilemmas with a beautiful mirror directly above the headboard.

Bathroom Mirrors

It should not come as a surprise that almost every bathroom features a mirror, but there are situations when only custom mirrors will fit in the space. An aesthetically pleasing mirror solution will use light and space to create a calm and serene impression. Glass Doctor of Nashville provides both standard and custom mirrors, as well as vanity hanging mirrors, able to increase the visual impact of your bathroom.


The entryway is usually the first room your family, as well as your visitors, will see when they enter your home. Create a welcoming and bright atmosphere filled with light. Help your family and friends get dressed by installing a wall-sized quality hallway mirror, or create an entirely new and unique entryway with our custom mirror options.

Kitchen Mirrors

Whether you are renovating or simply updating your kitchen area, please consider including mirrors in your design. By using mirrors in your decor, such as backsplashes and inside your cabinets, you will open up new areas of the room and change the way you use your workspace.  

Living Room

Your living rooms should be the pride of your home. Strategically installed custom mirrors will add character with a sophisticated interaction of light and space. At Glass Doctor of Nashville, we provide statement and vanity mirrors that can be installed adjacent to your wood-burning fireplace, as well as custom-made mirrored shelves for your furniture, bookshelves or display cases.

Call Glass Doctor of Nashville today, we are your local go-to expert for your home glass requirements. We offer exclusive edge designs and colors, including tinted and antique for our custom mirrors. Schedule an appointment with one of our glass specialists to begin taking advantage of our custom options; together we can achieve the perfect design for your home.

Mirror Installation Work

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