Double Pane Windows Installation and Replacement in Nashville

If your home is a sauna in the summer, or an iceberg in the winter, it may be time to replace your windows. Double pane windows provide better insulation for homes, which has made them a favorite for homeowners across the Nashville area. The wide temperature ranges in this region make quality insulation a must.

You deserve a comfortable home, no matter what the weather outside looks like. Let our local glass pros make your home a cozier place with our double pane window installation services.

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Double Pane Window Installation and Replacement Services

In a place like Nashville, where summers can reach more than 100°F and winters can drop well below freezing, the insulation offered by double pane windows helps keep your home comfortable all year.

These windows are, as the name implies, made from two panes of glass separated by a small gap. This gap is full of insulating gas — usually xenon, argon, or krypton. Some windows do have air in between the panes, though it doesn’t provide the same level of insulation as other gas mixtures.

The double pane design is energy-efficient, sound-dampening, and sturdy. They’re a great fit for every type of home. To make it easier for you to add double pane windows to your home, we’ve developed a thorough, easy-to-follow installation process.

Here’s what you can expect from us during an installation or replacement service:

  • Initial consultation: We’ll come to your home to inspect your current windows, talk with you about your preferences, and explain some of the various window options we offer.
  • Measurement and assessment: Once you’ve chosen which windows you want installed, we’ll measure your current window openings to ensure the new ones will fit. We’ll also inspect your current window frames to see if they need replacement or repair.
  • Quote: After the assessment, we’ll provide a detailed quote. This will include material costs, labor, and additional services. We’ll also propose a timeline for the project.
  • Scheduling: Our team will work with you to find an installation time that works with your schedule.
  • Preparation: We’ll outline any preparatory steps you need to take before we arrive. Some common tasks include removing window coverings and moving furniture away from the window.
  • Installation: We’ll arrive with all the materials and tools needed to complete the installation. We’ll carefully remove the old windows, and install the new double pane windows.
  • Quality checks: Our installation team will do a quality check to ensure the windows are properly installed, leveled, and sealed.
  • Cleanup: After installing your window, our team will completely clean the work area.
  • Client inspection: Before we consider the service complete, we invite you to check our work. You can completely inspect the windows to make sure you are satisfied with the installation.

What Makes Double Pane Windows Ideal for Homes in Nashville?

Wondering why double pane windows are particularly good for homes in Nashville? Here are a few of the most notable benefits of these windows for residents of Davidson County and the surrounding areas:

  • Superior insulation
  • Impact resistance
  • Sound dampening

The insulative properties of double pane windows make them perfect for the ever-fluctuating weather in Nashville. During the summer, these windows can protect against high humidity and scorching temperatures. While, in the winter, when snow starts to fall, they’ll prevent warm air from escaping your home.

One of the less often cited benefits of double pane windows is how well they withstand impacts. This benefit is particularly valuable in Nashville, where powerful thunderstorms and even tornadoes can throw debris through windows. In a double pane window, the layer of gas between the panes exerts a light pressure on both panes. When an object hits one of the panes, that gas gets compressed, which causes it to exert more pressure against the pane. This natural equalization of pressures makes it much harder to break the window.

Even if one of the panes does break during a particularly nasty storm, you’re still protected from the elements. The remaining pane will keep the heavy rain and damaging winds from making a mess of your home.

Last but not least, the sound-dampening properties of these windows are particularly helpful in a live-music hub like Nashville. If you live downtown, the sound of cars, loud parties, and live music can easily keep you up late into the night. Switching to double pane windows will quiet these sounds, making it easier to get to bed when you’d like.

Double Pane Window FAQs

Are double pane windows the same as double-hung windows?

No, double-hung windows are not the same as double pane windows. The term “double-hung” refers to the moving parts of a window and has nothing to do with the number of panes. Double pane windows, on the other hand, are a type of window that has two panes of glass separated by a thin layer of insulative gas.

A double-hung window is a type of window where both sashes can move. They are sometimes called double-sash windows. Like a double pane window, these models can reduce energy costs by improving ventilation.

A double pane window can be either single or double-hung, and in general, most double-hung windows are double paned as well. This is because a majority of newly installed windows are double paned.

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