Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Southwest Florida

Adding custom glass tabletops to your dining room is a perfect way to give it a unique ambiance. Plus, your furniture is protected from scratches, damage and spills, are easy to wipe away.

The Glass Doctor Difference is Your Advantage

The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Southwest Florida provide consultation services to help you pick the perfect custom glass tabletops for your space. We'll discuss glass tint, thickness and edgework detail, and we'll advise you about the safety issues that can arise with heavier glass tabletops.

We will measure, fit, install and update custom glass tabletops in a variety of sizes and shapes, to help you create a piece that's truly your own. Some ways to utilize custom glass include:

  • Protect your dining room tables and antique furniture from scrapes and spills.
  • Keep your writing desk from scratching.
  • Anchor a room with a heavy glass conference room table.

We will work to create the perfect glass for your needs.

Extra Protection Keeps Your Furniture Safe

Our glass specialists provide additional custom options to protect your furniture. For instance, tinted glass blocks harmful UV rays that will fade wood's color over time. Safety glass, such as tempered or laminated glass, works well to protect children, adults and pets from glass breakage, especially in outdoor spaces or bathroom glass.

Unique Custom Shelving for Your Home or Business

Custom glass shelves cut down on clutter in your home or business while adding to your space's sense of style. For form and function, custom shelves far outstrip their store bought counterparts. Select the perfect height, configuration and number of shelves to best fit all your items. Choose design options like tinting, color and etching to add visual appeal and make your shelves truly your own.

Revamp your space with a beautiful glass tabletop or revolutionize your shelving with new custom glass shelves. Contact us to breathe new life into your space and make it your own.