Door Closer Repair Service in Southwest Florida

The difference between making a great impression on your customer and making a poor one could hinge on proper door closer care. Customers are attuned to small details that indicate a successful business that puts customer service first. This means that your door closer must provide a smooth entry and close quietly to put your clients at ease. With regular door closer care from Glass Doctor® of Southwest Florida, it always will.

Proper Door Closer Function

Your employees and customers depend upon door closers to provide a bit of resistance to convey the door's weight, then open silently and smoothly to welcome your guest. The manual door closer should then return to it's initial position within the doorframe, provided its inner mechanism is correctly selected and installed, and also well maintained.

Common Door Closer Issues We Repair

Wrong door closer type selected: If your office or retail store has a heavy door, you need a strong door closer with heavy-duty springs. An inadequate door closer may create a poor business image, threaten customer safety and ruin the closer or the door itself.

Door closer installation and adjustment errors: At Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida, we use the proper installation procedures and cutting edge equipment to properly install door closers and provide proactive door closer care. We'll ensure that your door closer and entry door last for many years and welcome customers properly. Choose only professionally trained specialists to avoid:

  • Expensive door, frame and door closer damage
  • Unpredictable, dangerous door motion
  • Misaligned, damaged doorways

Seal ruptures and oil leaks: Often caused by loosened or lost screws, broken O-rings or faulty seals, leaking door seals create a clearance issue that can damage your door. With regular door closer inspection and proper professional maintenance, you can avoid door damage and also prevent the door closing or opening too fast and injuring a customer.

Door locking problems: If your door is hard to lock, it may be left unlocked, especially if you or your employees are in a a rush. An unlocked door leaves your business open to theft and property damage, and it's not worth the risk. Get professional door closer care and keep your business in business.

Maintain Dependable Door Operation

Let Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida provide optimal care for your door and door closer, to protect your warranty and to keep your door operating safely for years to come. We also repair related devices like door hardware, doorframes, hinges and chipped, cracked or broken glass.

Glass Doctor of Southwest Florida offers on-site door closer care consultations, so please contact us today!