Glass Table Tops

Enhance the aesthetics of your home by utilizing new glass table tops and custom shelving. Glass Doctor® of Mount Vernon, IL provides personalized consultations with a specialist capable of properly measuring your table tops for an exact fit. Our team will assist you in selecting the best options for your glass details.

Whether the table tops are in your home or office, your consultation includes guidance regarding the best thickness, tints and edgework for your new glass. We want to ensure satisfaction when the job is done. 

Table Top Shapes and Sizes

Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL has a wide range of options for your new glass table tops, including custom sizes and edging choices.

Shape Variations:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Octagon

Edging Choices:

  • Flat
  • Pencil
  • Bull Nose
  • Miter
  • Waterfall 

Additional Protection for your Glass

  • Tinted Glass: While natural sunlight beautifies a room, it also has UV rays that harm the color and integrity of furniture and carpets. Tinted glass prevents some of these damaging rays from reaching your valuables, which keeps your furniture attractive for years.
  • Safety Glass: Broken glass poses a safety hazard to adults, children and pets. Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL provides safety options including laminated and tempered glass for all of your glass needs. Your poolside and patio tables must have safety glass to keep your family and guest safe. 

Customized Shelves

Graphic of different glass edges

Shelving provides an attractive way to reduce clutter in any room of your residential or business properties. In addition to functionality, customized shelving provides a stylized presentation that stock shelving simply cannot meet. 


Organization requires having well designed areas for placing decorative and needed items. Custom shelving meets this need in an attractive manner.

Aesthetic Appeal

While shelves are functional, it is also important that they provide an attractive addition to the room. When you incorporate custom glass shelving into your room that coordinates with the glass table tops, you are certain to impress everyone who sees it.

Your hallways, closets and rooms will all have a more attractive presentation when designed with glass shelving. Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon experts will assist you in determining which options are ideal for your home and business glass decor, including

  • Design and style: To enhance your interior decor and coordinate with existing pieces in your home or business.
  • Size and arrangement: Maximize the space you have available and avoid large empty wall space.
  • Shelving numbers and distances: To ensure that your decorative items fit properly on the shelves and that the layout strikes a balance of sizes rather than certain areas overpowering others.

Call Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL today to arrange a consultation with a glass expert.