Double Pane Windows

The speed that weather conditions change in Mount Vernon is mind-boggling. One minute it's warm and the next an ice-cold wind can be blowing. These constant fluctuations make it difficult, but not impossible, to maintain a comfortable environment inside of your home. This is especially true of homes with older windows. Low quality and damaged windows are the primary reason that homes become drafty and energy bills skyrocket. The good news is Glass Doctor® of Mount Vernon, IL has double pane window replacement and installation services, which are the perfect solution to lower your monthly utility bills.

We Install Double Pane Windows

double pane window

The single best way to see a reduction in your heating and cooling bills is having Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL specialist install insulated glass units (IGUs), commonly known as double pane windows, into your home. As soon as all of your old windows have been replaced, you'll notice instant results. IGUs are made out of two separate glass panes that are divided by a desiccant, a spacer made out of a material designed to absorb moisture. For rooms that are extra drafty, we urge you to consider getting IGU windows that have been filled with a special gas that provides even more insulation.

In most cases, Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL can install brand new insulated glass panes into the existing window frames, lowering your purchase cost.

Signs of Trouble

You should make a point to inspect all of your windows on a regular basis. In addition to running your hand along the edge of the window and feeling for drafts, you should also visually inspect the glass. The two warning signs you're looking for are condensation between the panes or a milky appearance. Both of these things are signs you need to contact Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL.

Our team is happy to perform a top to bottom inspection of your glass. Schedule an in-home inspection with Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon today!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.