Auto Glass Care

If your vehicle experiences any kind of auto glass damage, Glass Doctor® of Mount Vernon, IL is your solution. Our skilled team of glass experts has the ability, resources and know-how to conduct any kind of auto glass repair or replacement service, including windshields, mirrors, windows and back glass.

How Does Auto Glass Work?

Your vehicle’s auto glass is what keeps you and any passengers in your vehicle protected. It is vital to take care of any chips or cracks as soon as you notice them, and Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL is able to provide a variety of comprehensive auto glass repair services that restore the clarity, durability and safety of your vehicle.

Any windshield damage deserves immediate attention. Delaying this kind of auto glass repair will allow dirt and debris to build up on the windshield, which will obscure your view as a driver and cause irreversible harm. Your windshield needs to be in tip-top condition to ensure your safety: it accounts for 45% of your vehicle’s structural strength in a front-end collision and 65% in a rollover incident.

Many modern vehicles are equipped with tempered glass for passenger windows, rear windshields and sunroofs. This type of auto glass is specifically designed to shatter on impact in a way that protects the people inside the vehicle. Instead of breaking into thick, sharp shards, tempered glass crumbles into small chunks that are less likely to cause injury. Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL is able to replace your vehicle’s tempered glass in a fast, efficient, affordable manner, meaning that your vehicle will be back on the road in no time at all.

Why Choose Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL?

We provide the very best in auto glass repair and replacement services. Choosing our specialists means:

Fast, Professional Repair

Our team of glass specialists will fix most chips and cracks in less than one hour. Plus, our mobile team comes to your location, so you need not leave your home or office.

Insurance & Paperwork Assistance

Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL work with a wide variety of insurance carriers, and our team will be more than happy to assist you with any insurance paperwork.

Credentials & Reputation

Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council, meaning that our reputation and resources are the best in the industry.

Customer Care

At Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of customer service. We take care of every individual vehicle, ensuring to keep any auto glass technology intact following a replacement, conducting proficient vehicle assessments, and providing price estimations so that you know exactly what to expect to pay right from the beginning.

Quality Guarantee

Our Windshield Protection Plan accompanies every new windshield installation, and for those desiring further protection for their vehicle, we also provide a Future Installation Option.

For the very best auto glass repair services, schedule your appointment with Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL today! Call us with any questions at 618-244-2708.