Door Closer Repair Service

With the repetitive opening and closing, no building component receives as much wear and tear as the door closer. Among the many components that make up a business storefront, the door to your establishment and the door closer has a significant impact on customers' perceptions and the quality of their customer experience. Glass Doctor® of Mount Vernon, IL will team up with you to ensure your door closer functions properly and operate smoothly and safely. Whether you need door closer care or replacement or seek other business storefront solutions, our team of glass care experts stands ready and able to assist.

Door Closer Systems

The technology behind the average door closer consists of a torsion or compression ring that stores kinetic energy as the door opens. Once the door is let go, the energy releases the door returns to the frame. Commercial door closers must meet building codes and fire codes and ADA requirements.

Door Closer Care and Maintenance

Business storefront requires a variety of maintenance and repair services and well as new installations. Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL door closer specialists have the necessary experience to install, maintain and repair your door closer. We can fix any issue with door closers, including:

Improper installation and adjustments: The door closer care experts at Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL have the right tools and equipment and employ the best industry practices. Our specialists have the skills to remedy an assortment of maintenance issues, including:

  • Misaligned doors
  • Damaged doorframes
  • Usual door movements

If you have any concerns about faulty workmanship or other problems with your door closer, contact our door closer care team for immediate satisfaction.

  • Incorrect door closers: Building codes require commercial doors to have the appropriate heavy-duty door closers equipped with strong and durable springs that can withstand the weight of the door. The wrong door closer can lead to serious problems, including misalignment, damaged components and present a safety issue.
  • Oil leaks and seal repairs: Deteriorated and broken seals can cause a clearance gap and an oil leak. A leaking door closer may be indicative of mechanical problems, such as a missing screw, worn O-rings or broken seals.
  • Malfunctioning lock: A broken lock compromises the door system and presents a security issue.

You can trust the door closer care experts at Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL to handle all of your maintenance and installation repairs and needs.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Contact Glass Doctor of Mount Vernon, IL for all types of door closer care services. In addition, we provide glass repair, doorframe, hinge, threshold and mirror and glass services as well as exceptional customer service.