Window Repair & Replacement

A single broken window will make your entire home uncomfortable and unsafe. Fortunately, this issue doesn't have to ruin your day. Rely on Glass Doctor® of Mount Pleasant, MI to fix your broken window panes. No matter what time or day your window breaks, our glass specialists will come to your home to make repairs. Our window replacement and repair expertise plus our outstanding customer service guarantees will deliver the window service you deserve.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

Our number one priority is to restore the safety and comfort of your home. We provide 24/7 emergency glass repair services to guarantee we are always available when you need us. When you call us, we will immediately send a glass specialist to your home. They will clean up any broken glass and seal the window until a complete repair can be made. We will schedule a time for a more permanent window repair at your convenience.

Double Pane Window Repair

Your windows are exposed to a great deal of stress over time. As this stress builds up, your window's seals will be compromised. A broken window seal will interfere with your indoor climate and increase your energy bill. Broken window seals create drafts; you will also notice a milky condensation buildup in between the panes, making it possible for you to identify the damage. We will replace the panes in your window to restore the seals and window efficiency.

Specialty Glass Repair

Although your windows are some of the most important fixtures in your home, they are no the only glass you have. Call our team to ensure your home's custom glass decor and fixtures are restored.

Window Replacement

Our glass specialists will replace your windows using the industry best practices. We offer a wide variety of double and triple pane insulated glass units (IGUs) to meet your aesthetic, comfort and safety needs.


Enhancing your glass windows and doors will lower your energy bill and boost the style of your home. Replacing outdated windows is incredibly beneficial. We offer a comprehensive selection of IGUs and low-emissivity windows for your home. Our glass specialists have the skills and expertise to replace your entire window frame or just the glass panes.

Additional Glass Services

Hydrophobic Glass Protectant

We always recommend that you use add an application of hydrophobic glass protectant to new panes. Taking this step will shield your glass from damage long after we replace it. Hydrophobic glass coating protects against scratches stains and mineral buildup. It can also be used to protect other surfaces in your home like granite countertops.


Tinted windows prevent the sun's most harmful UV rays from entering your home. Blocking the harshest UV rays will protect your furniture from sun damage and reduce the heat gain, which interferes with the stability of your indoor climate.

Window Component Repair

We can often fix a seemingly unusable window without fully replacing it. Our window expertise extends beyond the glass panes to the entire unit. If your window does not open properly we will repair the sliding mechanism or lock.

We Meet Your Glass Needs

A broken window should not cause you any undue stress. Contact Glass Doctor of Mount Pleasant, MI to restore the safety and comfort of your home!