Double Pane Windows

While all Mount Pleasant homes exchange some heat and air with the outside environment the less this happens the better; a highly insulated home is the more energy-efficient, cost-efficient and comfortable. An improperly insulated home will let more hot air in or out which will put more pressure on the air conditioning or heating system and create uncomfortable drafts. Glass Doctor® of Mount Pleasant, MI installs and replaces your home windows with insulated glass units (IGUs) which will increase the insulation in your home.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

IGUs increase the efficiency of your home in both winter and summer by reducing the amount of heat transmitted through your windows. In the summer you gain less heat from outside, keeping your home cool while reducing the use of air conditioning. In winter IGUs help keep warm air inside your home, saving you money spent on keeping your Mount Pleasant home warm and comfortable.

The secret to an IGU's insulation power is its build. These windows feature multiple panes. Between the panes, air is used to reduce heat exchange. A spacer seals the airspace and tightly holds each pane in place. For additional insulation, argon or krypton gasses can be added to the air space.

Window Replacement in Mount Pleasant

Glass Doctor of Mount Pleasant, MI, specializes in window replacement in Mount Pleasant, Gladwin, Harrison, and the surrounding areas. One of the common problems with an IGU is that the seal breaking, even if the glass remains intact. This results in the window no longer working effectively as an insulator. If any of your windows have condensation between the panes or have milky color this is a sign to call our specialists. Fortunately, in most cases our specialists replace the windowpanes without needing to remove and replace the frames, saving you time and money.

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Keep the frame, replace the glass.