Industry Glass Solutions

From specialty glass fixtures to windows, glass is an important asset for your business. Glass Doctor® of Mount Pleasant, MI, provides a full suite of the glass services that you need to maintain and enhance your business. We understand the unique challenges businesses face, which is why we offer our Commercial Care program. This is a business-exclusive program that provides you with access to the special glass service benefits that your organization needs most. This includes membership pricing and discounts, and priority services. The commercial glass services we provide will be customized to suit the unique challenges faced by your business.

Apartments and Condominiums

We provide you with the glass resources your building needs to make it more attractive and comfortable for residents. This includes aesthetic enhancements like glass shower enclosures to add luxury style, and utilitarian upgrades like laminated windows for better safety and operation. Our services also guarantee you can reassure residents that if any glass doors or windows are broken, their safety and comfort will be guaranteed. Our team offers emergency glass repair services at any hour; we will come out for an immediate glass repair when you call us. Your residents will also directly benefit from your Commercial Care account, because all of their vehicles will receive a 15% discount on auto glass services.

apartment windows


Our glass specialists will provide your restaurant with the glass it needs to enhance your restaurant's service and atmosphere. When you need specialty glass like sneeze guards and sliding drive-up windows, call us and we will provide a custom-fit solution. We have a team of glass design experts who will show you how to best use glass to enhance your restaurant's style. For example, we will make a smaller area in your restaurant feel more spacious with a strategically placed full-wall mirror.

Schools and Universities

We will service all of the unique glass needs of your school. This includes the glass tools you need to optimize your ability to educate in science labs and workshops. Our glass specialists will help you show off your school pride with custom display cases we install right into your hallways. To protect your students and staff, we offer safety glass solutions to strengthen your doors and windows against fire and impact damage.


As doors are constantly opened and people interact with your storefront's items, your retail business' glass undergoes a great deal of stress. We provide the commercial glass solutions you need to protect your glass from sustaining damage. In the event your store's glass is broken, call us and we will provide an emergency repair. In conjunction with our Commercial Care program, signing up for the Advance Measurement system will ensure the fastest glass care. We map out all of the glass in your store, so we can complete a full repair without any wait or unsightly board-up.

Hotels and Motels

We will make your hotel rooms feel more spacious with a full-wall mirror that provides the illusion of depth. To ensure a luxury experience throughout the room, we provide a full suite of custom bathroom glass solutions for your vanity and glass shower enclosure.

Cities and Municipalities

Our specialists will help your government organization stay on budget with energy efficient glass doors and windows that minimize your energy costs. We will enhance the security of your facilities with fireproof glass. Whether you are remodeling your current government building or are building a new one, rely on us to provide the specialty commercial glass services that you need.

We promise to deliver the glass solutions you need when you need them. Call our team today to set up a consultation.