Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Great decor anchors a room while complementing the existing decor of the space. Glass Doctor® of Mount Pleasant, MI, will create custom glass decor made to improve your space. Our glass specialists have extensive experience fitting custom glass tabletops and shelving units into homes. We will use this expertise to help you choose the optimal design elements for your custom glass tabletop or shelves. Our specialists will advise you through the design process, helping you make critical decisions ranging from your edgework detail choices to the best type of glass for your project. Glass Doctor of Mount Pleasant, MI, will create the perfect custom glass piece for your room.

Benefits of Custom Glass Tabletops

Graphic of different glass edges

A custom glass tabletop is the best way to upgrade your existing furniture. All glass tabletops have a sleek quality, which is certain to impress anyone who looks at them. Also, the glass can be colored or transparent depending on if you want to showcase the furniture beneath. These features will revive the original table and improve the space. The glass tabletop you order from Glass Doctor of Mount Pleasant, MI, will be truly custom. You will choose every feature that your custom glass tabletop will have, including:

  • Thickness
  • Edgework detail
  • Tint

Custom Shelving

A glass tabletop isn't the only type of custom decor that Glass Doctor of Mount Pleasant, MI, can create for you. You can also have us provide you with custom glass shelving. These pieces take advantage of the beauty of glass while organizing a room. Glass shelving makes the most of the vertical space; owners have the opportunity to store more items and display more artwork without creating clutter in the room.

Protect Original Pieces

A glass tabletop will shield your pieces from everyday wear and tear. If your table is regularly exposed to sunlight, then you can have your glass tabletop tinted. Tinting the glass will provide additional protection, filtering out the sun's harmful UV rays, which will cause damage to the finish of your table and other decor pieces. Our specialist can create stand-alone tabletops or glass overlays depending on your needs. Never hesitate to make an obligation-free appointment to discuss the possibilities.

Designing Your Piece Today

Unlike a piece made on an assembly line, a custom glass piece will be tailored to fit your space perfectly. We promise it will accentuate your room's design. Never settle for less. Call Glass Doctor of Mount Pleasant, MI, today to schedule your design consultation.