Custom Mirrors

Glass Doctor® of Mount Pleasant, MI, offers Isabella County residents an easy solution for protecting surfaces throughout their homes. Give your home a high-tech glass treatment that works on glass, porcelain, stone and tile. Clear Choice™ is a powerful glass treatment that works to repels stains, scratches, and streaks on custom glass shower doors, mirrors, sinks, tubs, and more. One application lasts up to five years! Clear Choice protectant helps all types of surfaces resist household contaminants, preserving your valuable investments for years to come.

Clear Choice for Bathrooms

Quality deterioration of bathroom surfaces happens quickly. One of the busiest rooms of the house, they're constantly subjected to:

  • Discoloration from hard water
  • Harmful mineral buildup
  • Sun damage
  • Scratches, dents, and nicks
  • Household pollutants that cause stains

Clear Choice is the perfect treatment for protecting surfaces against these common household menaces. The beautiful finish is water-resistant, transparent, and smooth. It also helps repel soap scum, which means bathroom clean-up is a breeze!

Treatment for All Surfaces

Clear Choice is a multiple surface protectant. Improve the durability and life of all your household fixtures with one application. It's a quick and easy job for our glass specialists, and it can be added to existing surfaces or included with any new custom glass installations.

A Clear Choice That's Clearly Worth It

Many home and business owners in Mount Pleasant, Gladwin and Harrison, have already opted to protect their surfaces with Clear Choice. From preventing the growth of bacteria and mold to its earth-friendly properties, Clear Choice is a smart investment that lets you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the things you love. Make an appointment with Glass Doctor of Mount Pleasant, MI, today to have our talented glass treatment team apply Clear Choice throughout your home or office.