Door Closer Repair Service in Montrose, CO

Glass Doctor¨ of Montrose, CO offers businesses in Montrose County the highest quality door closer maintenance and repair service. Make a great first impression by ensuring your door closer is always in perfect working order. With our years of experience in commercial door closer care services, we promise prompt, expert repair work that will keep your employees and customers well-protected.

How Door Closers Work

Hydraulic door closers help close a door automatically by providing a controlled open and release action. They come in a number of different styles, but all operate in the same way. One end of the hydraulic closer is attached to the door, and the other end is attached to the door frame. The closer has a sealed tube which contains a spring and a fluid-filled chamber. When someone opens the door to enter or exit, the hydraulic closer pulls the door and then gently closes it.

Door Closer Repair

The experts at Glass Doctor of Montrose have the experience and tools to make sure your door closers are properly installed. Improper installations lead to misalignments, which pose a serious safety risk and can damage both the door and closer. Maximize the lifespan of your door closers by practicing regular maintenance. Provide a safe work environment by making sure your door closers are installed and maintained by our experienced specialists.

Seal Repair

If your door closer leaks, it typically means a screw is missing, the O-rings are broken, or the seals have failed. Anyone of these issues not only leaves your door closer hardware vulnerable but presents a safety risk to employees and customers. Oil leaks that drip to the floor poses a serious slip-and-fall risk. When a closer fails and a door swings freely, an injury may occur to people entering and exiting, and damage may occur to the door and frame.

Door Closer Care Services

Many business owners are unaware they have a door closer problem until loss of door control occurs. Due to high traffic, most closers wear down and develop leaks. We recommend regular maintenance to keep your door closers in perfect working condition.

Our specialists are trained in the installation, repair, and replacement of door closers and frames, as well as hinges, thresholds, and other door hardware. Our professional door closer maintenance program ensures businesses in Nucla, Gunnison, Telluride, Crawford, and the surrounding area maintain a safe setting for employees and customers alike. Contact Glass Doctor of Montrose today to learn more about our door closer care services. We look forward to serving you!