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Door Closer Repair Service

A broken, damaged, or non-functioning door is no way to make a first impression on your customers. If your door closers are in need of attention, let the experts at Glass Doctor® of Monroe, MI get them working like new again so your guests feel welcome.

Door Closer Repair

A properly functioning door closer provides a bit of resistance when a customer first starts opening the door, which allows the guest to accurately gauge the weight of the door. The door will swing open smoothly until the person stops pressing on it. Once the person is clear of the doorway, the door will gently swing completely closed.

Broken seals and oil leaks are two common causes of door closer failure and are usually easily repaired by a skilled professional. If these problems are not repaired in a timely manner, they could lead to further deterioration of the door closer and result in injury to someone using the door.

Incorrect Door Closers

Matching the weight of the door to a properly tensioned spring is important. If the spring is not strong enough, the door might not close completely. If the string is too strong, it could snap the door shut quickly or unexpectedly, which is especially dangerous if a small child is trying to open the door, and cause serious injury.

Sometimes the correct door closer is simply improperly installed. This will often lead to damage to the doorframe, erratic movement of the door and misalignment of the door causing further damage to the door or frame. In this case, a Glass Doctor of Monroe, MI specialist will correct and adjust the installation so the closer is able to operate safely.

Door Closer Maintenance

Although they appear to be simple devices, a trained professional must complete your door closer repair. Don't risk voiding the warranty on your door closer by trying to make repairs yourself. Instead, let the experts at Glass Doctor of Monroe, MI keep your door closer in top shape. We also offer regular door maintenance service to prevent problems and injuries before they happen. Our specialists will also make repairs to doorframes, door glass, hinges and other hardware.

Free Consultation

When you meet with our specialists, you will get an accurate estimate for the door closer repair, replacement or maintenance services you need at no obligation. To learn more about how Glass Doctor of Monroe, MI will keep your doors opening and closing smoothly, call or schedule an appointment today!