Home Window Glass Repair & Replacement Services in Moncton, NB

Cut the stress that can come from broken window panes by having Glass Doctor® of Moncton, NB perform professional window repair and replacement throughout the Moncton area. Our team of service professionals are available 24/7 to complete your window repair at a time that works best for you. Enjoy quality glass service from highly trained professionals when you work with our team.

Window Glass Repair

Emergency Services

Your safety is our top priority, and our service professionals help to re­establish your home’s security. With our emergency home glass service, our team will be ready to remove the broken glass, clean up the window frame and complete all possible repairs on the spot. If we must order a new pane to replace the old glass, we can board up the damaged area and set a follow-up appointment to complete the repairs at a time suited to your schedule.

Double Pane Window Repair

Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB repairs various double pane window issues. Double pane windows can fail if the seal becomes broken or damaged. Common signs of seal stress include condensation between panes and a dirty or foggy appearance to the glass. Our service professionals can help fix your window by replacing just the panes, eliminating the need for a whole new window.

Window Glass Replacement

We offer a variety of state of the art insulated glass units (IGUs) which can help boost your curb appeal and possibly reduce your heating and cooling costs. These units feature two or three panes to maximize insulation.


The benefits of glass enhancements can include greater comfort and increased energy efficiency. Installing modern glass options like IGUs and low ­emissivity (Low-­E) windows in your home takes advantage of these benefits. These windows help homeowners to rely less on their heating and air conditioning systems to keep spaces comfortable. Other benefits include reduced noise pollution .

Additional Glass Services

Hydrophobic Glass Protectant

A single application of our hydrophobic glass protectant helps defend your glass from stains, scratches, dirt, hard water buildup, mineral deposits and weathering. Adding hydrophobic coating to glass means fewer cleanings and better protection. This treatment works on granite, tile and porcelain surfaces, too.


By adding window tinting to your already existing windows can aid in protecting from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Window Component Repair

If you need help with windows that are difficult to open or have broken locking mechanisms, our service professionals repair or replace broken window components, including tilt latches and sash locks.

Gain the Advantage

When you need professional window replacement or repair, don't neglect your panes. The experts at Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB are standing by to serve your needs. Contact us today!