Double Pane Window Services for Moncton

As Moncton homeowners know, the temperature outside fluctuates. These changes can cause your windows to expand, contract, and ultimately warp. When this happens, your home may become vulnerable to drafts, which can make it more difficult and expensive for you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Glass Doctor® of Moncton, NB is able to repair broken windows or replace underperforming panes with higher grade double pane insulated glass units (IGUs).

Window Repair or Replacement

double pane window

Damaged windows aren't always loud, breezy disrupters to your daily routine. Windows in need of repair can be subtler in their issues. A broken window seal, for instance, won't always be obvious at first glance. Nonetheless, it still has the ability to disrupt your indoor climate control and possibly strain your energy bill. Signs your window needs professional care include:

  • Milky glass
  • Condensation between the glass
  • Cracks in the glass or frame

How IGUs Work

An IGU is composed of two or more glass panes used to help your window’s insulation capabilities. The panes of glass are sealed together, creating an insulated space. These spaces are often filled with a special moisture absorbent, known as a desiccant, or are made using warm-edge glass materials. This feature keeps moisture out and helps to significantly extend the life of your window.

Upon installation, we seal the entire perimeter of the window with a high-grade sealant that further assists in protecting against moisture. To help enhance the insulation capabilities of your home, we can include argon or krypton gas in between the glass panes. This further improves the insulation capabilities of your windows.

Window Repair and Replacement

Even the toughest windows can be damaged by the extreme conditions to which Moncton is subjected. When this happens, Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB is here to help replace or repair your window glass.

Our glass experts quickly and professionally swap out an irreparably damaged windowpane for a brand new one. Before we offer a full replacement, we will inspect your windows and offer you a repair if your window can be saved.

Schedule an appointment with our team today to start saving on your next energy bill!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.