Custom Mirrors in Moncton, NB

Elevate the aesthetic of your home and see each room in a new light with the appeal of custom mirrors from Glass Doctor® of Moncton, NB. Whether you're looking for a complete decor overhaul or a minor update, custom mirrors are the perfect solution. Our professionals are custom mirror experts and have been creating unique spaces for many years. Trust our team to transform your home with our selection of top-quality glass decor.

Custom Mirrors Benefit Every Home

Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB creates ideal custom mirrors for your interior. We listen to your design desires and craft mirrors fitted to your space and taste. Before we begin working on your customized mirrors, we will meet with you to discuss the look and feel you have in mind.

Custom Mirrors Create the Illusion of Space

Open up the tightest spaces in your home without an expensive overhaul. Using strategically placed mirrors can help reflect the walls, ceiling, and natural light, transforming hallways or entire rooms into more inviting areas. Using framed or tiled mirrors will highlight the natural contours and architecture of your home. While every residence is unique, some of the most common custom mirror options include:

  • Mirrored backsplashes that create excellent depth in kitchens.
  • Mirrored walls that can help small, cramped hallways appear more spacious.
  • Statement mirrors that are a perfect centerpiece above headboards and fireplaces.

Accentuate Art and Home Decor

Custom-cut mirrors will highlight your existing glass decor and art. At Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB, we offer a variety of edges, tints, frames, and finishes that will elevate the style of your interior spaces. Some of our decorative mirrors include:

  • Framed mirrors that are especially useful for infusing a splash of glass decor to walls.
  • Mirrored shelves that provide a unique, 360-degree view of collectibles, sculptures, art pieces, and antiques.
  • Hanging mirrors that will channel natural light to highlight your most prized pieces of art.

Bolster the Natural Light in Your Home

Let the artificial and natural light flow into every room of your home with hanging mirrors or mirrored tabletops. If you have areas in your home without windows, a few strategically placed mirrors will illuminate the darkest corners. To infuse more light into your home's decor, consider:

  • Mounted mirrors that will amplify light from lanterns, desk lamps, and other light sources.
  • Bedroom mirrors that can work wonders at reflecting light from windows and artificial sources.

Impress with Mirrors

Entryways, closets, and bedrooms are great places for full-length mirrors. Our custom solutions provide a top-to-bottom perspective of your entire wardrobe. Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB will design a finished and framed full-length custom mirror exclusively for you. We create custom mirror solutions, including floor-to-ceiling options providing unique angles before you head out the door. Our service professionals also make framed mirrors with a frame of your choice to add intriguing appeal and sophistication.

Contact Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB

Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB, service professionals have decades of experience creating engaging and attractive environments. Regardless of your existing decor, we will work with the natural architecture to create beautiful and unique custom mirrors. Our service professionals provide in-home consultations, expert measurements, and guidance through the entire process. Get started today by contact Glass Doctor of Moncton, NB, by completing an online service request form or by calling us at (506) 317-0330.