Window Repair & Replacement

Homeowners would never leave their door wide open, but a broken or poorly insulated window is every bit as wasteful. Luckily, there's no need to let window damage get out of hand. Glass Doctor® of Missoula, MT provides quick, high-quality home window repair services on all units. Our specialists can repair or replace damaged windows of all kinds. For homeowners looking to further reinforce their windows, our consultation team will travel to your house, assess any risks and weaknesses, and help you fully insulate and secure your home.

Home Window Repair

In Case of Emergency

Glass Doctor of Missoula knows the risks and costs of a broken window and understands that homeowners cannot afford to wait for window repair. Our emergency repair team is always on standby, ready to take your call, hurry over to your house and deal with the damage. We can usually repair or replace your panes in a matter of hours, but if your windows are made from specialized glass or arranged in a unique shape, you may have to wait a few days for us to order and install the new panes. When this happens, we'll clean up any shattered glass and board up your windows free of charge; keeping your house secure until the new glass arrives.

Our repair team isn't limited to fixing windows. We're trained to restore every manner of glass products, including:

  • Tabletops and shelves
  • Garage door segments
  • French and patio doors
  • Cabinets
  • Mirrors

Window Repair for Double Pane Units

Designed to keep outside air and noise out of your home, double-pane windows are a great way to increase sustainability and reduce disturbance, but even they wear down over time. If you notice water vapor or a milky, foggy color on your windowpanes, there's a good chance that the seal has been broken. Our team specializes in making insulated window units good-as-new, restoring the integrity of your home's interior. We also offer suggestions for upgrading the windows to further save money and the environment.

Replacements and Upgrades

Whether your windows are too damaged or too unique to be repaired, Glass Doctor of Missoula is happy to replace your windows with upgraded units. We offer a wide range of advanced window products, including:

  • Insulated Glass- These windows contain at least two panes separated by a spacer, which dries up water and prevents heat from traveling through the window. Double-pane windows are the simplest version of insulated glass, but we also offer triple-pane windows for homeowners seeking even more efficiency.
  • Low-E Units- Low-E glass is designed to reduce the amount of heat that gets into your home without interfering with visible light. This makes it cheaper and more sustainable to air condition your home in the summer but doesn't increase lighting costs.
  • Tinted Glass- Like Low-E units, tinted windows lower heating costs, but they also reduce the transmission of UVA and UVB radiation, which can cause your furniture and interior paint to fade. We also offer tinted glass tabletops and shelves to further protect your belongings.

Other Options

Hydrophobic Glass Protectant

Hydrophobic coating is a glass treatment product specially designed to reinforce your windows and belongings against scratches and chips. It also makes it more difficult for soil and mold to build up on the glass, meaning it won't take as much effort to clean. A coat of hydrophobic glass protectant can markedly increase the lifespan of your glass as well as tile, porcelain and granite products.

Component Complications

If your windows are difficult to open, close or lock, let our team examine them. We'll assess the damage and restore the windows to full working order.

Awaiting Advantages

Regular customers should consider the Advantage Plan®, an offer that gives you VIP access to discounts and scheduling, as well as warranties on broken glass and free home inspections.

Don't leave your home exposed. Let Glass Doctor of Missoula guarantee you safety, security and sustainability. Contact us today!