Industry Glass Solutions

Quality glass is essential to a successful business. Besides allowing you to safely display your wares, good glass also reduces heating and air conditioning costs, making your company more profitable. Businesses committed to good corporate citizenship should consider tempered and insulated glass products to keep their customers safe while saving the planet. Whatever your glass needs, Glass Doctor® of Missoula, MT can make them happen!

We are committed to promoting sustainable enterprise, which is why we offer our Commercial Care package to repeat business customers. Commercial Care customers receive a 15% discount on commercial glass repair and replacement services as well as quicker response times, commercial accounts and a wide range of savings. We serve all industries, and have years of experience working with:

Residential Properties

If you manage apartments, condos or rental houses, Glass Doctor of Missoula will help you take care of your tenants while saving money. We repair windows, decorations, pools, saunas, gyms, showers, mirrors and all other residential glass fixtures, and offer upgrades to make these products safer and stronger. Our commercial glass repair team can fix and insulate your windows, which will allow both you and your tenants to save money on heating and AC.

apartment windows

Schools and Colleges

We have a passion for education and specialize in offering safe, reliable tabletops, observation doors, mirrors and safety products for science labs. We also offer trophy cases, classroom windows and accessories for all other classes, offices and school functions. If your students or staff live in dormitories, we provide quality windows, mirrors and decorations to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. We're also committed to school safety, offering fire-rated glass and protective glazes to keep your students out of harm's way.


Quality glass products are a great way to improve sanitation and beauty in any restaurant. If your business includes a buffet or cafeteria, glass dividers can display your food while preserving it from germs and dirt. Tinted glass windows allow you to create mood lighting while reducing heating costs and UV damage, and your customers will eat in style with safety-rated glass plates, tabletops, and glasses. If any of these products break, you can trust our commercial glass repair team to put them back in working order. We are careful to cater all of its products to your restaurant's original design, complementing rather than disrupting the ambiance.

Hotels, Hostels and Motels

Give your guests a trip to remember with decorative windows, mirrors, shower doors and other glass accessories. If your hotel has a pool or a gym, our glass windows, doors and shower enclosures will help you increase hygiene and beauty while lowering cleaning costs. Trust our commercial glass repair team to keep your hotel intact at all hours.

Municipal Centers

Citizens always complain about high taxes; what better way to lower their bills than by saving government money with insulated glass? The less you spend on heating and cooling, the less money you'll need to perform ordinary government services. Besides saving money, insulated glass products also allow you to sound-proof government buildings, ensuring that important public meetings will not be disturbed. Glass Doctor of Missoula will help your government offices be more sustainable, more beautiful and more welcoming for the citizens you serve.

Shops and Stores

Glass display cases and storefront windows are the oldest forms of advertising. The easier it is for passers-by to see your wares, the more of them will come in and buy something. Glass Doctor of Missoula makes storefront publicity as simple as possible, offering clear, easy-to-clean windows that will make your store look beautiful and enticing. We also offer dressing room mirrors, shelves and partitions to suit all kinds of businesses.