Advance Measurement System

Whether your building experiences frequently broken windows or you want to be prepared when disaster strikes, the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Missoula, MT is the proactive glass care solution you need to keep your business running smoothly.

How the Program Works

When you enroll in the Advance Measurement System, a Glass Doctor of Missoula specialist will visit your building for a complete inspection. All of your glass windows, doors and fixtures will be carefully measured and a diagram will be drawn up to record the location of each item. We will also record any specialty glass or safety requirements.

When your glass breaks, call our team with the identification number of the broken glass. A glass repair specialist will be dispatched immediately to your location. If we have the correct glass in stock, an immediate repair will be made. Otherwise, we will secure the opening with plywood and place a rush order for your replacement glass.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Our emergency response team is available any time of the day or night so you do not have to wait until morning to secure your building. For even faster service, choose our In-Stock option and we will pre-order frequently damaged or specialty glass and store it for you until you need it. Get an added level of service when you pre-establish credit and contact information. That way, your glass repair and replacement service will only require a single phone call.

Proactive Glass Care

Our Advance Measurement System will save you time and money by allowing for a complete glass repair or replacement in one trip. Our In-Stock option will reduce the need for unsightly board ups and multiple visits from a glass specialist. To learn more about our proactive glass care program, or to get a no-obligation consultation with a glass care specialist, call or schedule an appointment online today!