Door Closer Repair Service

For most businesses, a customer's first impression is made before they even enter the building. Guests will look at the overall appearance and functionality of your entryway to determine how they feel about your establishment. Let the door closer care services experts at Glass Doctor® of Missoula, MT make sure your visitors feel welcome with equipment that effectively operates.

Expert Door Closer Care Services

A properly installed door closer will let customers open your doors easily without needing to shut them. The person will feel a bit of resistance before the door smoothly opens. Once the door is released, the door closer will gently pull the door closed. If any of these operations do not operate smoothly, request expert door closer care services from Glass Doctor of Missoula.

Common Door Closer Problems

If your door closer is showing any of these common signs of trouble, schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Missoula right away:

Door slams shut: If the door closes too quickly, this could be a sign that the door closer is not the correct size or type for your door.

The door doesn't close completely: On the flip side, if your door fails to make a complete seal, this could result in little critters and outside air entering your store.

Doorframe damage: Spoiled frames are often caused by a misaligned door or a badly adjusted door closer, which will damage the door and its components.

Abnormal or sudden movements: These types of movements are dangerous for those operating the door, especially small children.

Door closers will also be compromised by broken seals, leaking or low oil, missing hardware and broken o-rings. Don't risk voiding the manufacturer's warranty on your door closer. Get professional door closer care services from Glass Doctor of Missoula.

Free Consultation

Every door closer repair project begins with a thorough inspection from a Glass Doctor of Missoula expert. We will accurately diagnose the problem and provide you with a quote for materials and services. We always are transparent about the cost of correction, so you never are surprised with the bill or the results. Discover how our door closer care services can improve your business, call or schedule an appointment online today!