Custom Mirrors

From Rocky Mountain peaks and fish-filled rivers to rolling prairies of the badlands, Montana is full of ancient and all-natural treasures that make it a beautiful state to call home. However, windows aren't the only glass installations that will improve your views or maximize the beauty of your Missoula home. At Glass Doctor® of Missoula, MT, we create and install custom glass mirrors that complement the local landscape while making indoor spaces more inviting, modern and unique.

Our custom mirrors are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles, and they offer benefits that range from the decorative to the cost-effective. Learn about the features and benefits you'll enjoy when our talented specialists transform your property with high-quality glass decor.

Maximize Light Flow

Well-placed mirrors and mirrored surfaces give you more control over the amount and direction of light that fills each room. Bounce sunlight into shadowy corners by angling a custom mirror across from a big window, or double the intensity of artificial light sources by placing a lamp on a mirrored tabletop.

When you use a custom mirror to maximize your indoor lighting, you cut costs too. Instead of buying extra light fixtures or paying sky-high heating bills every winter, rely on mirrors to make your home more efficient. Custom mirrors are a great way to amplify your existing light sources and take full advantage of the sun's warm, bright energy every winter.

Impress Your Guests

At Glass Doctor of Missoula, we have years of experience bringing our clients' visions to life. We know how much you care about being a good host and leaving a lasting impression on your guests, and we'll work with you to design and install custom mirrors that achieve all your aesthetic goals.

Install a floor-to-ceiling mirror in the guest room or entryway to help your guests get dressed, customize a vintage-style mirror to give your bathroom more personality, or accentuate your interior decor with a framed mirror above your fireplace.

Create the Illusion of Space

Mirrors are an important tool in interior design because they're so good at increasing the apparent size of a room. We'll customize a large, stylish mirror that opens up your dark and narrow rooms, and we'll even match your framed mirror to your existing fixtures to create the illusion of a window into another room.

Glass Doctor of Missoula is your source for expertly cut, painstakingly installed custom mirrors. We offer in-home consultations and do our best to accommodate all creative requests. Call us at (406) 552-1884 or fill out an online service request to schedule an appointment today.