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Windshield Repair and Replacement

A variety of incidents cause windshield damage, but the end result is the same, a windshield that is fractured. Allowing a cracked or chipped windshield to go unrepaired leads to safety concerns and obstructed vision. Glass Doctor® of Minot is your local solution for affordable, experienced windshield repair and replacement, including replacement for agriculture glass.

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Factors Influencing Repair or Replacement

Most states have laws against operating a vehicle with a damaged windshield, so it's important you take action when you first damage your windshield. Deciding whether windshield repair is the best choice will be based on the size, area and age of the damage.

  • Diameter and length: There are limits to the size of damage that can be successfully repaired. In a majority of cases, chips should be less than a half-inch in size, and cracks cannot be longer than three inches.
  • Affected area: There are zones on the glass that preclude windshield repair. Cracks that extend to the edge of the glass and damage in the line of sight of the driver are outside the repairable area. Edge cracks have a high potential for spidering, or cracking in multiple directions, while repair may distort or obscure the field of view.
  • Age of damage: The older the damage is, the less likely it will be that a repair will work satisfactorily. Weathering, dust and other contaminants that settle into the damaged area prevent the repair resin from adhering to the original glass.

Benefits of Windshield Repair

When it is possible, windshield repair offers some advantages over windshield replacement. A Glass Doctor of Minot specialist will clean the damaged area to remove contaminants, and then apply resin to fill the area. Once filled, the resin is dried and polished. The windshield is restored and the vehicle will be ready to drive. A broad-spectrum of benefits makes windshield repair the first choice for everyone:

  • The cost savings is appealing to many car owners because repair is typically a fraction of the replacement cost.
  • Your insurance company may waive your deductible for a repair, saving you even more.
  • Vehicle owners who lead a busy lifestyle will appreciate that repairs can be completed in less than an hour.
  • Windshield replacement reduces waste, contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Guaranteed Windshield Replacement Services

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ has stated that as much as 60% of the structural integrity of your car in a rollover may depend on your windshield. If a specialist determines that replacement is necessary, Glass Doctor of Minot will:

  • Remove the old glass without causing damage to the paint or mounting surface.
  • Install new glass that meets original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards for your vehicle.
  • Mount the replacement glass using Auto Glass Safety Council-approved procedures and adhesives.
  • Allow the adhesives to cure for a minimum of one hour, as per AGSC Standards.
  • Explain the exclusive Glass Doctor G12® Road Hazard Guarantee, covering windshield replacement or repair for a full year after completion.

Glass Doctor of Minot honors most major insurance carriers, and your specialist will take care of filing the claim on your behalf. We adhere to AGSC, ensuring that our windshield repairs or replacement will never endanger you. Your safety depends on your windshield; contact Glass Doctor of Minot today to set up your appointment.