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Agriculture Glass

Farming is a year-round industry that requires equipment to handle intense conditions. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), when glass on farm machinery breaks, a worker should not operate the equipment. Minimize the impact of broken panes by counting on the heavy equipment glass care at Glass Doctor of Minot. Our experienced glass specialists follow rigorous safety standards to ensure compliance with OSHA's requirements.

Heavy Equipment Glass Care

The glass on farm equipment is a vital safety feature that protects operators from dust and flying debris, such as rocks and dirt clods. It also shields a worker from chemicals and the elements. The smallest impact on the glass compromises the strength of the entire pane, making prompt repairs necessary. Depending on the type of glass and the impact's size and location, Glass Doctor of Minot specialists can repair chips and cracks using advanced techniques that restore the pane's strength and clarity. While glass specialists always perform repairs when the solution is safe and effective, there are instances when replacements are necessary. On such occasions, specialists use glass that matches the original equipment manufacturer quality and fulfills OSHA requirements to ensure worker safety. Since transporting heavy equipment is sometimes difficult, the mobile unit at Glass Doctor of Minot will gladly complete on-site glass repairs and replacements to maximize your operation's productivity and minimize downtime.

Custom Industrial Glass

The glass on agricultural equipment has a variety of shapes. For this reason, Glass Doctor of Minot uses equipment designed to cut glass to exact specifications. Since safety is our top priority, we ensure that the glass used for heavy machinery cabs are leak-proof, durable and can resist the various types of pressure. From laminated glass to tempered door glass, the glass options available at Glass Doctor of Minot promote the ultimate in safety and comfort. Our heavy equipment glass care includes custom options that reduce exterior noise, block the sun's UV rays, and quickly de-fog or de-ice. Specialists can also apply black-colored bands around the edge of the panes and include holes for wiper blades, latches and handles.

Clear Choice for Heavy Machinery

Glass Doctor of Minot's proprietary Clear Choice glass treatment gives panes an extra layer of protection. A single application lasts up to five years and makes glass more resistant to minor impacts, chemicals and scratches. The protective barrier also repels water, so panes are simpler to clean and less likely to accumulate calcium, lime and other minerals that affect visibility and are difficult to remove. Don't let broken panes on machinery stall your operations. Reduce their impact by calling Glass Doctor of Minot right away. Glass specialists will fix the glass properly the first time every time.