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Advance Measurement System


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When disaster strikes, you instantly become concerned with the security of your building. Broken windows allow vandals and thieves to destroy your property, and it’s impossible to rest until you know your business is secure.

Proactive Glass Care

Count on the Glass Doctor® of Minot Advanced Measurement system to resolve the problem. Our proactive glass care solution plans for the unexpected glass emergency. Our specialists carefully draw a complete map of your facility's glass as a reference guide when you need a window repair or replacement. The glass diagram records the size, type and style of each piece pane, and our specialists ensure all of your glass conforms to local safety codes. Should a piece of glass break, any time of day, all you need to do is call our representative and supply the numbered location of the glass based on the diagram. We'll check our stock for an appropriate replacement to expedite the repair.

The Advanced Measurement system of proactive glass care offers many benefits to our commercial clients, including:

  • Priority Service Calls: As soon as you make your call, a specialist from the Glass Doctor of Minot team will start the service process. We understand the safety and security dangers of broken glass on your premises, and all commercial clients that use the Advanced Measurement system receive priority 24/7.
  • In-Stock Glass: With the Advanced Measurement system we know the type of glass your site needs, and we are better able to keep replacements for your most frequently broken pieces of glass in our inventory. This allows us to avoid boarding the damage site to cover the hole until we can order the glass.
  • Board Up Service: In cases where we don’t have a suitable replacement in stock, we do provide board-up service to secure your facility until the new pane arrives.
  • Convenience: The Advanced Measurement system offers convenience of speed. First, the speed of the repair lets you get back to business without an interruption. Second, we pre-approve credit and verify contact information for all clients who use the system, simplifying billing and communication.
  • Cost Savings: Pre-measurement of your windows enables our specialists to arrive onsite with the glass and materials they need to do the job in a single trip. The labor reduction saves our commercial clients money.

Exceptional Glass Care in Minot

Proactive glass care is the easiest way to get back to business after an emergency. Contact Glass Doctor of Minot to schedule a meeting to become a member of the Advanced Measurement system.