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Window Repair & Replacement

When glass windows or doors become damaged, receiving immediate assistance from our specialists should always be a priority. For outstanding service, Glass Doctor® of Miami is a name you can trust every time. Arrange expert window repair or replacement when your busy schedule allows and rest assured you are receiving the most competitive prices in the business.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

When a window shatters in the middle of the night, contact Glass Doctor of Miami for emergency window repair. In the case that your window pane must be ordered and shipped before installation, our team of specialists will board up the broken window to keep your home safe. Any potentially hazardous debris or glass shards will also be removed.

Double Pane Window Repair

If you notice excess condensation building up inside your double-pane windows, it's likely due to a broken seal. When the seals to your double-pane windows need to be replaced, our team of specialists will perform the necessary repairs, typically leaving the panes in tact. 

Specialty Glass Repair

Aside from window repair services, our specialists possess years of combined experience performing repairs or new installations of custom glass for a wide array of applications. Repairing or installing glass tabletops, entry doors, cabinets, shelves and mirrors are just among a few of the specialty glass solutions we provide.

Window Replacement

When your home’s windows are simply too aged, cracked or damaged for successful repair, it's often much more cost-effective to simply install new, energy-efficient models. Our glass specialists will install insulated glass units (IGUs) to improve the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your home such as triple or double-pane windows.


Reduces monthly energy costs, improve your home's indoor comfort and enhance your homes resale value by investing in today's most cutting-edge window upgrades. Our IGUs or low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are an excellent place to start. These windows are becoming popular for homeowners across the country for their ability to reduce noise pollution and drastically improve the energy-efficiency of your home all year long.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

After receiving window repair or new glass installation, defend your investment from mineral deposits, hard water buildup or other pollutants with our Clear Choice™ protectant. This material can be applied to surfaces such as tile, granite and porcelain as well.


Harmful UV rays can cause considerable damage to sensitive furniture or upholstery. Protect your home by asking about window tinting options provided by Glass Doctor of Miami. By filtering out just a fraction of the sun's light, you will enjoy a much more inviting home along with lower monthly bills on heating or cooling.

Window Component Repair

For windows that require new locks, latches or other mechanisms, our team of specialists will install new components to make your windows work like new again.

Gain the Advantage

Glass Doctor of Miami offers an Advantage Plan® to our customers to increase their savings on future services. Some benefits of this plan include:

  • Reduced costs for future window repair or replacements
  • A cost-free, in-home inspection
  • Prioritized scheduling
  • A guarantee against breakage extending the full length of your members

If damaged or broken windows are becoming a problem in your home, contact Glass Doctor of Miami today over the phone or simply fill out a service request online to receive the best glass care available in Miami.