Window Repair & Replacement

Fix or feature any pane of glass in your home with the help of Glass Doctor® of Lynnwood. Our team repairs and replaces glass to enhance energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Try updating your panes to decrease the toll on your HVAC system, or restore broken windows to reinstate your personal safety. Our courteous specialists promise to deliver superb service, no matter your glass needs.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

Never wait for glass repair, Glass Doctor of Lynnwood delivers emergency glass repair to homes and offices in the area. A team member will promptly arrive at your location to restore the safety and security of your building or home. We first attempt to repair the pane, but if it is beyond repair, we'll seal off the area so outside influences aren't an issue. Then, we'll clean up and remove any debris, and schedule an appointment to complete the necessary repairs or replacement at a time convenient for you.

Double Pane Window Repair

The source of discomfort in many homes may be traced to windows. To restore your home, our team will attempt to repair your window panes. Glass Doctor of Lynnwood will replace those panes and reseal them with strong sealant. We'll keep your sills if possible to reduce cost.

Specialty Glass Repair

It is not only regular windows we repair. We also can take care of the glass in your patio or entryway doors, garage doors and even tabletops. Your home decor influences the way your space is seen, so we ensure it shows off your best features.

Window Component Repair

A window that refuses to open or lock is of little use. Our team goes beyond pane repairs; we fix latches, balances and other components. During our in-home consultation discuss problematic windows with a specialist.

Window Replacement

Upgrading your windows can save you time, money and discomfort. When specialists install new windows, such as insulated glass units (IGUs), which include double or triple pane windows, the extra insulation helps to regulate indoor temperatures. A more balanced indoor temperature decreases how often your cooling and heating systems run, lowering energy and maintenance costs. New windows are often much easier to clean, especially if we apply a glass protectant to the surface. The protectant shields the panes from weather and water damage. Less cleaning means more time for the activities you enjoy!

Another option is to install Low-E windows. These windows reduce UV infiltration in your home, helping interior fabrics to fight premature aging. Saving you from having to replace worn out, faded curtains and interior decor pieces.

Don't let your windows create an uncomfortable home. Ask Glass Doctor of Lynnwood how an update will improve your lifestyle.

Additional Glass Services

Surface Protection: Use our glass treatment on more than you panes. This shields tile, porcelain, glass and granite surfaces from environmental pollutants, hard water, weathering and mineral deposits.

Tint: Tint you windows to protect your interior from UVA and UVB rays. This addition reduces furniture, carpet and drapes sun exposure.

Increase your Benefits

Save more when you join our Advantage Plan®. This terrific plan delivers discounts on services, priority scheduling, a free home inspection and a guarantee on your services. Homeowners who are serious about glass care count on our plan to ensure their home is always in good condition.

Stop Hesitating, Schedule your Service Now

No matter if you call us for emergency window repair, upgrading your home or adding protection, you will get the prompt, professional service you deserve. Glass Doctor of Lynnwood uses the highest industry standards combined with courteous specialists to get the job done. Schedule your home interview now!