Emergency Business Glass Services

Glass Doctor® of Lynnwood specialists recognize how important it is to reestablish the security of your business after experiencing a broken pane. Our specialists provide emergency glass repair services everyday, so we're there when you need us most.

Emergency Care

We quickly respond to your emergency call. When our team makes it to your location, we assess the situation and repair the pane if possible. If it is shattered, we will board up the site and take measurements for a replacement pane.

Take steps to prepare for broken glass before an accident. Enroll in our Advance Measurement system for streamlined emergency glass care. 

Advance Measurement System

Our Advance Measurement System allows you to get your glass replaced in a fraction of the time. The first step of the proactive system is an on-site survey of every pane. A team member will create a customized diagram of your business. Each pane is given a number that corresponds with the size and type of glass it uses. If you experience breakage, call Glass Doctor of Lynnwood use the diagram to report which pane has broken. We match the glass specifications with our in-stock options. This process enables us to replace the pane in one visit, so that you can avoid a board-up that may deter some customers from entering your business.

As part of our Advance Measurement system, we also pre-establish credit and contact information so when your need for emergency glass repair arises, you have established care with our team. The security of your business is paramount to our glass specialists. Contact us today to enroll in the Advance Measurement System.

In-Stock Replacement Program

Another program you should consider enrolling in is our In-Stock program. This works in conjunction with our Advance Measurement system, and is perfect for businesses that experience breakage frequently. If you enroll in this program, we keep extra glass in stock that matches your specifications. When you call to initiate emergency glass repair, we will already have what you need on hand and your repair will be expedited.

Commercial Care

For premium service designed to save you time and money, enroll in our Commercial Care program. You will enjoy:

  • Priority response for all after-hour calls
  • Discounted board-up services for emergency calls
  • Special discounts on all work completed
  • Commercial account setup
  • Glass expert dedicated specifically to your business

Our glass experts are experienced with all aspects of emergency glass repair. We also provide additional glass services, including the repair and installation of windows, door panes, custom mirrors and custom home decor. Contact us today to receive an on-site consultation for your glass repair needs.