Advance Measurement System

A successful business owner always thinks ahead. That’s what keeps you in front of the competition and helps you predict what your customers will need. For local businesses, Glass Doctor® of Lynnwood has created a program enabling you to plan ahead for broken glass emergencies. Our Advance Measurement system delivers an unbeatable proactive glass care program, which is sure to streamline your repair process.

When you participate in the program, our glass specialists will measure and map out the location of all the glass in your office, store, restaurant, apartment complex or building. Glass doors, display cases, shelving, partitions, shower doors, fire-resistant safety glass and more are diagrammed for future reference. During the pane review, we will note the type, size and features of the glass to expedite replacement service.

Advance Measurement Speeds Emergency Glass Repair

When your panes are damaged, contact Glass Doctor of Lynnwood to activate your glass repair and replacement plan. We will quickly fix your property before it sustains more damage or customers, employees and members of the public are endangered.

Using the diagram our specialist created for you, inform our team which pane is broken. We’ll immediately pull the required glass from our stock, if available, and hurry to your location to fix your broken glass or replace windows in a single visit. This convenient plan gets you back in business the destroyed pane causes more harm.

In-Stock Options for Broken Glass Emergencies

To prepare for all contingencies, Glass Doctor of Lynnwood can arrange to keep your most vulnerable glass in stock and on hand for your emergency glass needs.

Signing up for the Advance Measurement program:

  • Protects your property form further damage and theft.
  • Saves you time and money with single visit glass repairs.
  • Decreases the chance of injury with fast glass replacement or repair.
  • Minimizes business downtime.
  • Maintains your business’ beautiful profile.

Join our proactive glass care plan by calling Glass Doctor of Lynnwood for Advance Measurement service today.