Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

The furnishings in your home will beautify the space; custom furnishing will simplify your life in addition to adding beauty. Consider the benefits custom glass pieces bring to your home. Glass is a versatile material that creates a classic look that doesn't overpower a room. Best of all, adding a custom glass tabletop or shelving unit to your room is a practical investment that will outlast many other pieces of furniture. Speak with Glass Doctor of London® about your custom glass design ideas; we can turn them into real additions.

Our Glass Expertise is Your Advantage

Glass Doctor of London creates quality glass pieces. Our glass specialists provide you with an excellent experience from the consultation to the finished project. We'll start by determining your needs during our first meeting, and help you make optimum choices for your home. We design and create glass tabletops or shelves that are personalized with edgework detailing, thickness, tints, colors and safety features.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Graphic of different glass edges

Consider adding custom glass tabletops to your home of office. Glass tabletops can be stand-alone designs or overlay antique furniture. Because glass is more hardy than wood, it is a great option for dining or conference room tables. We recommend homeowners use glass in high-traffic areas or spaces they hope to make more modern.

Custom Shelving

Custom glass projects aren't limited to tabletops, consider custom glass shelving as well. Our team has used custom shelving to improve cabinets, add more storage space and lighten wall decor. We know custom glass shelves will avoid wasted space because we make them fit your exact specifications. Custom glass shelving will:

  • Add form and function: Glass shelving is unobtrusive and lightens a room. It adds excellent visual appeal.
  • Show-off your art: View favorite pieces from every angle and enhance with extra lighting.

Extra Protection for Any Glass Piece

The safety of our clients is a top priority, which is why we discuss your glass design before we create it. Modern glass technology makes it easy to build elegant pieces with specialty panes. To protect your home and investments, select glass finishes that give your project an extra boost of protection. Tinted glass blocks harmful UV rays and prevents fading of floors and furniture. Safety glass, like laminated and tempered, keep your home's occupants safe from sharp shards or messy breakage. Safety glass is also ideal for bathrooms, the outdoor areas and family rooms.

Don't buy generic pieces when you can install unique custom glass furnishings. Glass Doctor of London can retrofit existing furniture or help you with a new design. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.