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Door Closer Repair Service

Door closers are an important part of any business; they are one of the most used pieces of equipment you have, no matter your industry. Despite this, many business owners don't give entryway function much thought. You should never ignore this component because door closers help to shape a customer's first impression of your company. A door that's difficult to open, opens or shuts abruptly, or won't close on its own creates a bad impression and could even cause injury. Trust Glass Doctor of London® to take care of your door closer repair and maintenance needs. We'll ensure that your door closers work as they should, creating a safe environment for your customers and employees.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers allow doors to open smoothly and easily, with minimal effort. The user should be able to feel some resistance that lets them know how heavy the door is. After he or she passes safely through the doorway, a spring in the door closer allows it to glide shut by itself. The process works smoothly time after time when you employ proper installation and maintenance.

Door Closer Repair

Door closers need to be precisely installed, maintained, and repaired. If someone without the necessary training and tools attempts to do the work, the door closer's warranty may be voided. You may also inadvertently create a hazard. Our specialists undergo extensive training in every aspect of door closer repair and maintenance services and are also well qualified to address issues with other door components. Regular maintenance and spring adjustment will help prevent:

  • Doorframe damage
  • Unexpected door movements that could cause broken glass, injuries, and even expose your business to a lawsuit
  • Misalignments
  • Seal breaks and low oil levels

Incorrect type of door closer: A door needs the right type of closer in order to work properly. A large, heavy door, for example, requires a strong spring. Anything less could cause damage to other parts of the door and result in injury to the user.

Improperly installed and adjusted pieces: Glass Doctor of London specialists have the knowledge and tools needed to properly install and adjust your door closers. This will keep your premises, customers and employees safe and secure. Since all the components work together, a malfunctioning door closer may cause damage to the frame, lock or to the door itself.

Broken seals: Any damaged seal will allow your business' climate-controlled air to escape, which lets outside air in. This creates an uncomfortable environment for your customers and employees while raising your energy costs. Oil leaks are often associated with another problem, such as a hardware issue or failed seal. An insufficient level of oil may also cause a door to open or shut abruptly, creating additional damage as well as a safety issue.

Difficult to lock entryways: If your door doesn't lock easily, it may be easier for a thief to work his or her way into your business. Employees may stop trying to lock it, putting your business at additional risk. In addition, a problematic lock may cause damage to the rest of your door.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Trust our team to tackle any problem. We will resolve your door closer damage and restore your entryway. Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of London today. One of our specialists will report to your business to discuss your specific door closer repair, maintenance and installation needs.