Door Closer Repair Service

Your entryway door is the gateway to your business. When it opens smoothly and closes gently, your door makes a great first impression. At Glass Doctor® of Little Rock, our specialists perform commercial door closer care to keep your door functioning the way it should. We also offer a wide variety of door and commercial glass replacement, maintenance and upgrade services to keep your entryway well-maintained and looking good.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer lets your business guests open or close your heavy door with little effort. When a customer pushes your door, they feel a slight resistance as it glides open. When the mechanism is functioning properly, it allows ample time for your guest to clear the entryway before the closer spring gently returns the door to its closed position.

Door Closer Repair

Our team is familiar with a variety of common door closer issues. We offer lasting solutions, completed by our trained specialists. Our team will tackle common door closer problems, which make it difficult for your entryway to function.

Incorrect types of door closers: For proper door function, it's important to install the right closer for the anticipated workload. A lightweight door will function properly with a light-duty closer while a heavy door requires a heavy-duty closer with a strong spring. Incorrect closer installations lead to door damage, misalignment, frame damage and safety issues.

Improperly installed or adjusted door closers: Our highly-trained professionals perform door closer services with quality tools and parts. As we perform your installation, maintenance or repair, we make adjustments to ensure that your door closer works properly. Our attention to detail minimizes these future problems.

  • Door and door frame damage
  • Jumpy opening and closing movements
  • Misaligned doors and jambs

Worn seals, o-rings, leaks, and low lubricant: Maintenance issues caused by broken or deteriorating seals, loose screws and lubricant leaks cause your door closer to malfunction. With regular inspection and maintenance, we catch these issues and prevent major problems.

Malfunctioning door locks: When you close down your business for the day, you feel more confident walking away when your door locks properly. Malfunctioning locks create safety and security risks and reduce your peace of mind. Forcing a broken lock into position each night damages your door and causes injuries.

Door Closer Maintenance Service

At Glass Doctor of Little Rock, we provide door closer care and a wide assortment of commercial services. We restore and upgrade your doors and windows. Trust our team to maintain your doors, closers, door glass, hinges, and other entryway components. Our quality parts and professional workmanship preserve your warranty.

Schedule a Consultation

At Glass Doctor of Little Rock, we consult with you at your business premises to explain the benefits of our professional door closer care services, proactive glass care plans, and other commercial services. To schedule a consultation, visit our appointment page or call 888-516-8133 for more information.