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Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are an essential piece of home decor. They brighten small spaces, add interest to empty walls and visually extend rooms. If there are spaces in your home where you would like to add a touch of elegance and the benefits of mirrors, contact Glass Doctor® of Lincoln to learn about our custom mirror options.

Mirrors as Artwork

Mirrors make wonderful artwork. Let Glass Doctor of Lincoln show you how to make mirrors the focal point of a room or incorporate them into your larger design objectives. Mirrors used as artwork fit into any style. 

Added Light and Depth 

Strategically installing mirrors across from your windows intensify the natural light in a space. Even in areas where windows are absent, mirrors still reflect artificial light into dark spaces. 

Mirrors in the Bedrooms

Glass Doctor of Lincoln specializes in creating custom mirrors for dressers, closets and vanities. Add full-length mirrors to closet doors to give your bedroom charm, while making use of the functional aspect of the design. Embrace the trend of adding custom cut pieces over a headboard to add character to your space.

Mirrors in the Bathrooms

Don't settle for an off-the-shelf mirror! Glass Doctor of Lincoln makes custom mirrors that transform otherwise ordinary bathrooms into spa-like spaces. Get ready while enjoying a mirror that enhances your bathroom decor

Entryway Mirrors

Your entryway is the perfect place to hang a mirror that is as decorative as it is functional. Find the perfect mirror that melds home decor with functional reflection that helps you leave the house looking great every day.

Kitchen Mirrors

Kitchen mirrors are often delightfully unexpected. Glass Doctor of Lincoln helps people find the perfect places to hang mirrors in their kitchens. Choose to add a mirrored backsplash for an unexpected design element or as an accessory to your decor.

Mirrors in the Living Room  

Make a bold home decor statement when you hang a mirror above your fireplace. Choose to anchor the living room with a giant artistic mirror, or add a bit of artsy with mirrored shelves.

Achieve a classic or modern look through the use of mirrors. Its versatility makes it an ideal design accent. Discuss your options with a Glass Doctor of Lincoln specialist today!