Advance Measurement System

Man-made or natural disasters can strike any time, impacting businesses of all sizes, so establishing a solid disaster recovery plan is a smart move for all business owners. As part of the local Lincoln area community, Glass Doctor® of Lincoln is well aware of the common problems facing your enterprise. We’re proud to offer all local business owners an efficient, financially beneficial program of proactive commercial glass repair as part of your recovery plan with our Advance Measurement system.

With membership in our service, our experts will survey your business location. We will measure all of the glass panes and panels in doors, windows and other areas. We’ll document the types of glass used in each location and whether tempered or safety glass is required in specific areas, creating a numbered record of your glass needs. This important date is recorded on a diagram of your business space for future reference.

Priority Emergency Services

If any glass suffers damage or breakage, our streamlined emergency repair services kick in as soon as you contact Glass Doctor of Lincoln and report the number of the damaged pane as listed on the diagram. If we have the corresponding glass on hand, our specialists will immediately replace the broken panes, saving you the need for implementing our board-up services.

Additional Benefits

Our swift, efficient emergency and repair services save you time and money while protecting your business for possible further damage. By participating in our Advance Measurement system, we’ll also have instant access to your contact and credit information, further accelerating our already impressive repair process.

In-Stock Program

The in-stock program we also offer ensures fast, expert glass replacement if certain panes or items are prone to occasional breakage. As part of this helpful program, Glass Doctor of Lincoln will order and store extra glass panels or specialty items for when you need them.

Here are a few of the benefits our proactive glass care program offers:

  • Our unrivaled customer service and expert glass replacement services
  • Reduced to no business-related down time
  • Highly decreased safety risk for staff and customers
  • Rapid emergency response times inhibit possible theft and vandalism
  • Streamlined services and billing processes with pre-established credit

The best time to protect your business is before disaster strikes, so feel free to contact our team to schedule a consultation regarding proactive commercial glass repair for your business.