Window Repair & Replacement Services in Knoxville, TN

Glass is one of the most important materials in your home. Your windows and other glass surfaces are main ingredients in your property value, indoor temperature and moisture levels, architecture, interior design, energy efficiency and more. When it breaks or deteriorates, you face everything from skyrocketing air conditioning costs to pest invasions and injuries. 

Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of Knoxville is your source for high-grade glass and precise, prompt services in Knoxville and surrounding areas. Our local glass specialists are window repair and replacement experts who won't let you live with inferior products. Depend on our sky-high standards and thorough work to protect your home. 

Window Repair

Glass Doctor of Knoxville will repair, re-seal or modify your windows to keep your home efficient and attractive.

Double Pane Windows Repair

If you have double pane windows or any other insulated glass units (IGUs) in your home, your energy bills and indoor comfort levels depend on correct installation and maintenance. We'll inspect, repair, or replace the individual panes and spacers that keep your IGUs functional. If you notice condensation buildup between the panes, we'll replace the affected glass to restore your curb appeal and insulation as soon as possible. 

Ask our specialists to restore broken locks or fixtures. We make windows easy to open and close with component repair service no matter the window style.

Specialty Glass 

We don't just customize and install specialty glass; we also repair it. Call us if you notice damage to your French door glass, garage door glass, side windows, mirrors, tabletops, or any other glass surfaces throughout your home.

Emergency Damage

If your windows are cracked, chipped or shattered in the middle of the night, an on-call specialist will perform emergency window repairs. Broken glass is a hazard on holidays and weekends too, so we're always available to restore your curb appeal, energy efficiency and security. If the window is a totally destroyed, we'll sweep up the shards, remove the pane safely and board up the opening until your replacement is ready to install. We carry most common window panes, so replacement is possible in single emergency service.

Window Replacements

Single-pane windows let in plenty of sunlight, but they often allow its glares, UV damage and heat gain too. Unfortunately, it's difficult to keep traditional windows sealed, and everything from outdoor noise to Tennessee humidity will seep through the thin panes that are supposed to protect your home from the elements.&

Glass Doctor of Knoxville will upgrade your home with IGUs or low-emissivity (Low-E) windows that prevent these problems. Our specialty window installations include thermal, UV-resistant tints and double- or triple-pane units with moisture-absorbing spacers that double or triple your insulation levels.

Custom Services

Some glass is exposed to extreme elements or everyday risks that require extra protection. Glass Doctor of Knoxville offers optional protections with every window repair and replacement, in order to keep you panes in good repair and cut down on your future maintenance needs.

Hydrophobic Glass Coating

Request a coat of hydrophobic coating to shield your glass surfaces from stains, buildup, scratches, mineral deposits and pollutants for up to five years.

Glass Tints

Our window tinting services give you a way to keep the rest of your home in mint condition. Invest in UV-resistant tints to protect your upholstery and other surfaces from sun damage. 

Security Films 

Request a security film or order custom laminated glass to make sure your windows and other glass surfaces stay in one piece if they break.

We Deliver the Greatest Glass Care

Save on Future Glass Investments

Ensure you new glass and future services are guaranteed, join our Advantage Plan® program. Members enjoy a breakage guarantee for the length of their membership, savings on future services and priority scheduling.

Enjoy Better Windows Today

Your windows affect everything from your property value to your energy bills; Glass Doctor of Knoxville will make sure your panes stay flawless. Call us at 865-684-4033 or fill out our online form to schedule your window repair or replacement right now.