Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Knoxville, TN

Contact Glass Doctor® of Knoxville today before a tiny crack or chip on your vehicle becomes a big problem. Our specialists will repair or replace your vehicle's windshield, windows, sunroof, mirrors or any other glass surface. Contact us today for all your auto glass repair needs and get your vehicle back to looking just like new!

Windshield Care

A damaged windshield is more than just a cosmetic problem. That crack is not only obstructing your view, it is also reducing the architectural strength of your vehicle. Your windshield is your main line of defense in head-on collisions and rollover accidents. A crack is enough to weaken your windshield and put you and your passengers in unnecessary danger.

Glass Doctor of Knoxville can complete your auto glass repair project and have you safely back on the road in less than an hour. In most cases, your insurance will cover the cost of any glass repairs, which means that you can experience our exceptional service without paying a dime. We are so committed to providing superior customers service and hassle-free repairs, that we will even file the insurance paperwork for you.

All you have to do is give us a call and schedule an appointment. We will visit you at home or at work, evaluate whether you need a repair or a complete replacement, and recommend the best course of action. If you have sensors, gauges, and other displays embedded in your windshield, there is no need to worry. Our auto glass repair specialists will restore any make or model to factory condition.

Auto Glass Replacement

New vehicles are built using tempered glass, which breaks into small chunks for maximum passenger safety. We will replace any tempered glass in your vehicle in no time at all. From passenger windows and sunroofs to quarter glass and back windshields, we do it all.

When you schedule a consultation, you will receive an accurate quote that includes labor and the cost of materials. In some cases, you may be able to save even more money by simply repairing small cracks or chips instead of paying for a complete replacement. Our specialists will present you with your options and recommend the best auto glass repair solution for your vehicle and your budget.

All of our specialists have been trained to adhere to industry standards. Any replacements use Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality glass and industry-approved adhesives that will secure your new windshield in place.

Auto Glass Protection

One of the best parts of working with Glass Doctor of Knoxville is that every windshield replacement comes with the option of our Windshield Protection Plan. If your windshield is damaged within 12 months of the initial replacement, we will complete repairs free of charge.

Upgrade the package to the Value Package. This affordable package includes new wiper blades and extra protection including hydrophobic coating glass protectant. This special product will help your glass resist scratches and repel water. Whether you have to drive through rain, snow, or sleet, you can enjoy better visibility and a safer trip.

Work with the best auto glass repair specialists in the Knoxville area and enjoy expert craftsmanship, hassle-free service and affordable prices. Call today to schedule a consultation with Glass Doctor of Knoxville.